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  1. veepstakes
    The Pros and Cons of Kamala Harris As Biden’s VPThe California senator has all the relevant experience — and several relevant liabilities.
  2. vision 2020
    Democrats Struggle to Accommodate Stars at Shrunken ConventionWith no live audience and reduced media coverage, and no incumbent president to soak up attention, Democrats will have to be careful about who speaks.
  3. vision 2020
    The Pros and Cons of Biden’s Top Vice-Presidential ProspectsJoe Biden has a long list of veep possibilities led by Kamala Harris, and probably not much of an inclination to gamble.
  4. vision 2020
    Not Much ‘Democratic Disarray’ in 2020Polling indicates that backers of Biden’s primary rivals are falling into line much more solidly than did Sanders supporters in 2016.
  5. veepstakes
    The ‘Law and Order’ TrapSome Democrats are agitating for Biden to try to get to the right of the Republican Party on crime. They shouldn’t.
  6. vision 2020
    Will Candidates on Biden’s VP Shortlist Defend Him From Reade Allegations?Tara Reade’s allegations are going to get the public attention they warrant. Biden’s veep prospects may be competing for the role of chief defender.
  7. vision 2020
    There’s Nothing Wrong With Stacey Abrams’s Campaign to Be Vice-PresidentTeam Biden started the conversation about Abrams as a possible veep. If she’s ready for that tough gig, she should continue to make her case.
  8. vision 2020
    Biden’s VP Should Meet These 4 Criteria (But Won’t)All of the finalists in the Democratic “veepstakes” have flaws.
  9. Clinton’s Initial VP List Included Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Bernie SandersWikiLeaks reveals that a democratic socialist and the “billionaire class” were both early veepstakes contenders.
  10. Hillary Clinton Picks Virginia Senator Tim Kaine As Her Running MateYes we Kaine.
  11. Hillary Clinton Withholds Veep Pick, Notes Trump Talks a Lot Like a DictatorContrary to expectations, Clinton did not reveal her running mate in Florida on Friday, opting to rebut Donald Trump’s RNC speech instead.
  12. Clinton VP Favorite Just Gave the Left Two More Reasons to Distrust HimOn Monday, Virginia senator Tim Kaine signed on to two letters calling on the federal government to scale back regulations on community and regional banks.
  13. Clinton Includes Swing Voter on VP Short ListOn Tuesday, retired admiral James Stavridis told Fox News Radio that he is “leaning toward Secretary Clinton” but would prefer to make his final decision “in the privacy of my own home.”
  14. Report: Trump Plans to License His Name to His Administration, Not to Run ItTrump told John Kasich that if he agreed to be his running mate, the Ohio governor could be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy, The New York Times Magazine reports.
  15. It’s Official: Donald Trump Names Mike Pence As His Running MateOn Twitter, Trump confirms that the Indiana governor will be joining his ticket.
  16. On VP Choice, Trump Torn Between Mr. Right and a Pair of Bad BoysTrump’s advisers see Indiana governor Mike Pence as the best, safest choice. But the mogul wants a “fighter skilled in hand-to-hand combat” — like Gingrich or Christie.
  17. Hillary Clinton Apparently Considering a Retired Admiral for VPThe New York Times reports that Clinton is vetting retired four-star Navy admiral James G. Stavridis as a potential running mate.
  18. veepstakes
    Even Potential VPs Aren’t Excited About TrumpChristie’s the top contender, as he’s only said that he finds Trump deeply offensive with his eyes.
  19. Reports: Trump Vetting Chris Christie for VP/White House ButlerThe New Jersey governor has an approval rating of 26 percent. Trump may not have a better option.
  20. RNC to Paint Clinton’s VP Choice As an Insult to Bernie Backers“Project Pander” will attack Clinton’s VP choice for being too conservative — and/or too liberal — for Sanders supporters.
  21. Wall Street Donors to Clinton: Pick Warren and Your Fundraising Gets ItWall Street donors tell the Clinton campaign she can have their cash or Elizabeth Warren as her running mate, but she can’t have both.
  22. Elizabeth Warren Has Two Qualms About Becoming Clinton’s VPThe popular populist has two reasonable doubts.
  23. veepstakes
    We Could’ve Had a Romney-Christie TicketThe NJ governor was Romney’s first pick for veep.
  24. veepstakes
    John Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: The Biden-Ryan MatchupBiden won’t hold back as he did against Palin, Heilemann says.
  25. veepstakes
    Did Chris Christie Lose the Veepstakes Because He Doesn’t Think Romney Can Win?Or maybe it’s his lack of commitment to P90X.
  26. veepstakes
    Rubio Relieved That Romney Didn’t Ruin His Vacation by Asking Him to Be VPHere’s an idea: Don’t plan vacations when you’re on the short list.
  27. oh pawlease
    Tim Pawlenty ‘Didn’t Expect’ the Vice-Presidential Nomination, AnywaySo he’s not disappointed.
  28. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Love for New Jersey Outweighed His Desire to Be Vice-President Or something like that.
  29. veepstakes
    Wikipedia Tries to Keep the Riffraff Out of Veepstakes EntriesAnd is maybe not as good of a predictor of Romney’s pick as it once was. 
  30. veepstakes
    Rob Portman Owns Haunted Hotel, Is Still BoringSorry, Rob Portman. Nice try. 
  31. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Harry Reid Is No Joe McCarthyNot paying taxes for ten years isn’t quite the same as being a communist.
  32. veepstakes
    David Petraeus Really, Really Doesn’t Want to Be Vice-PresidentThe Drudge Report claims Romney wants him, though.
  33. reading the veepstakes tea leaves
    Reading the VP Tea Leaves: Wikipedia EditionCan Wikipedia edits foretell Romney’s running-mate pick?
  34. veepstakes
    Boring Midwestern White Guys on StandbyRomney has alerted at least two running-mate contenders that he could pick them at any moment.
  35. veepstakes
    Mitt Romney to Announce Running-Mate Pick on AppShould you download it?
  36. veepstakes
    Heilemann: Why Jindal, Ryan Look Good to Romney“You can’t underestimate how much the Romney campaign is worried about conservative enthusiasm right now.”
  37. veepstakes
    Dick Cheney States the Obvious Apparently Sarah Palin was “a mistake.” 
  38. veepstakes
    Jeb Bush Launches Campaign to Make Marco Rubio Vice-PresidentWe’re not sure that’s how this works.
  39. veepstakes
    Republican Voters Hungry for Rice (Not the Food, Though … You’ll See!)It’s actually a person named Rice!
  40. veepstakes
    Pawlenty Offers to Show Off His ‘Tats,’ Momentarily Becomes InterestingHe’s already going rogue.
  41. veepstakes
    Romney Reveals He Hasn’t Picked a VP, But He Plans to Go With ‘a Conservative’Democrats need not apply.
  42. veepstakes
    The Possibly Unbearable Handsomeness of a Romney-Thune TicketThere is word that little-known South Dakota Senator John Thune is a VP possibility.
  43. veepstakes
    Drudge Report Readers Support a Romney-Rice TicketA follow-up to the site’s Thursday bombshell. 
  44. sherm-o-meter
    The Veepstakes Sherm-O-Meter Our latest update on the VP race.
  45. veepstakes
    McCain Reveals Romney’s VP Pick to Some InternsShocker:  It’s a boring white guy.
  46. veepstakes
    Tim Pawlenty Claims to Want Out of the Veepstakes “I have encouraged people who asked this question in the campaign to look at other prospects.”
  47. veepstakes
    Paul Ryan Is Being VettedHe might be Romney’s running mate, or he might not.
  48. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Un-Unvetting of Marco RubioRomney had to bend to conservative donors with a serious crush on Rubio.
  49. veepstakes
    Boring White Guy’s VP Hopes Just Soared [Updated]Marco Rubio is reportedly not in the mix being considered for Romney’s running mate.
  50. the great tampa convention showdown
    Rick Santorum Ready for Ron Paul Convention ShowdownAlso, he’s open to running for vice-president.
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