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  1. veepstakes
    Media Buzz Builds Around Rob Portman for Important JobNot the one you’re thinking of.
  2. veepstakes
    Rubio Flub Goes Unnoticed in CFR SpeechWhich Korea has the nuclear weapons again?
  3. sherm-o-meter
    The Veepstakes Sherm-O-Meter Which potential Romney running mates are doing the best job of pretending to be uninterested in the gig?
  4. stuck in the mittle
    Why Beth Myers Really Is Romney’s Perfect Work WifeShe’s in charge of Mitt’s VP search, but could she help with women voters, too?
  5. veepstakes
    Will Marco Rubio’s Campaign Finance Problem Be a Veepstake Disqualifier?The Florida senator was fined $8,000 for improper campaign contributions.
  6. veepstakes
    Marco Rubio Won’t Even Discuss Veepstakes AnymoreHe says the “peanut gallery” should take a break for a while.
  7. sherm-o-meter
    The Veepstakes Sherm-O-Meter [Updated]Which potential Romney running mates are doing the best job of pretending to be uninterested in the gig?
  8. rice rice baby
    Romney–Rice 2012?A new poll makes her the favorite among Republican voters.
  9. early and awful
    Why Allen West Will Never Be Romney’s V.P.Or, “Why Allen West Will Never Be Anybody’s V.P.”
  10. the gospel of rick
    Rick Santorum Would Totally Be Romney’s VPIf Romney wanted him to be.
  11. instant politics
    Defending Sarah Palin: Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg on McCain’s V.P. Pick As Culture-War Hand GrenadeEvery day until November 4, a series of writers and thinkers will discuss the election over instant messenger for nymag.com. For our inaugural conversation, we bring together Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg.
  12. early and often
    Sarah Palin Is Just Full of SurprisesAn avalanche of disclosures has led to questions regarding the seriousness with which John McCain vetted his running mate.
  13. early and often
    How Biden May Head Off Latent Obama BacklashPoll numbers at the opening of the Democratic convention show that Biden was more than a shrewd pick; he may have been a necessary pick.
  14. early and often
    Joe Lieberman Momentarily at the Center of the Political UniverseThe jowly senator from Connecticut finds himself at the center of two campaign firestorms.
  15. early and often
    Is Obama Planning a Veepstakes Shocker This Week?After endless rumination and media speculation, Barack Obama’s decision on a running mate is nigh. Nigh! Just how nigh, nobody is quite sure.
  16. early and often
    Lukewarm Reactions to Favored Obama Veep CandidateVeepstakes speculation is hot again, and the name on everybody’s lips is Virginia governor Tim Kaine.
  17. early and often
    Is Hillary Out of the Veepstakes?Were hopes for what way back when was called the “Dream Ticket” quashed yesterday by none other than Clinton’s former campaign chair, Terry McAuliffe?
  18. early and often
    McCain Veep Speculation Distracts Us From the ObamaramaWill you really pick your running mate this week or are you just trying to fulfill your own selfish need for media attention?
  19. early and often
    Obama Veepstakes Shocker!Virginia senator Jim Webb said that “under no circumstances” would he agree to become Barack Obama’s vice-president.
  20. early and often
    Obama Potentially Looking Even Less PatrioticThe voices of outrage face off against those pundits who can afford to defend Clark.
  21. early and often
    McCain’s Potential Running Mates: A Who’s WhoIt’s easy enough to pinpoint exactly who this year’s Republican vice-presidential candidate should be — but Arnold Schwarzenegger is not eligible for the post.
  22. early and often
    Obama’s Potential Running Mates: A Who’s WhoObama is as starkly unusual a presidential contender as the country has ever seen, which means he can choose either to amplify or offset any of the characteristics that define his own candidacy.
  23. early and often
    Obama and Patti Solis Doyle: A Slap to Clinton, or High Five?A Clinton bundler said that the hire was the “biggest fuck you I have ever seen in politics.”
  24. early and often
    Obama and the Insiders: Great Band Name, Bad Campaign SloganWill Obama even be able to avoid tainting his platform of transformational reform with the business-as-usual politicians required in, you know, a presidential campaign? Maybe!
  25. early and often
    Barack Obama Didn’t Vet His Vetter, But He Probably Should HaveMaybe a little more vetting and a little less e-mailing with Scarlett Johansson would have been the way to go.
  26. early and often
    Possible V.P. Jim Webb Speaks on Obama, RednecksThe Virginia senator: “Rednecks don’t bowl, and I am one.”
  27. early and often
    Veep Speculation Runs Rampant, With or Without Clinton and ObamaLet’s be honest, the veepstakes is the funnest part of any presidential election. It’s like drafting your fantasy baseball team, except you’re not drunk and your Internet didn’t freeze right when you were picking.