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  1. contested election
    Rudy Melts Down Over Trump and ‘Voter Fraud’ During Insane Press ConferenceThe president’s legal team alleged a vast conspiracy to install Joe Biden, bankrolled by “communist money.”
  2. elliott abrams
    Official Convicted in Iran-Contra Affair Is Appointed Trump’s Envoy to IranElliott Abrams, who lied to Congress about his knowledge of the Iran-Contra affair, is now the administration’s envoy to Iran.
  3. venezuela
    The Dumbest Aspects of the Apparent Mercenary Coup Attempt in VenezuelaAmerican mercenaries posted online about their alleged coup, and may have brought Airsoft guns in their apparent effort to topple Nicolás Maduro.
  4. coups
    Don’t Tweet About Your CoupThe mercenaries from Silvercorp USA, who allegedly tried to topple Venezuela’s government, decided to tweet about it in advance.
  5. vision 2020
    Trump Relies on Maduro-Bashing to Win Florida Next YearTrump’s attacks on Maduro are key to winning Florida’s Latino immigrants and boosting his advantage among Cuban-Americans despite his other policies.
  6. venezuela
    Florida Republicans Fear Trump’s Venezuela Policy Could Hurt Them in 2020Florida Republicans worry that Trump’s backing of opposition leader Juan Guaidó could become a liability among the state’s 200,000 Venezuelans.
  7. the national interest
    President Trump Opposes Trump Administration Foreign PolicyAppointing policymakers you disagree with because they look good on TV turns out to be a problematic strategy.
  8. venezuela
    Maduro Claims Victory Over ‘Coup’: Everything We KnowThe unrest is not over in Venezuela, where rival mass protests are planned for Wednesday.
  9. politics
    Erik Prince Has Plans for Venezuela — If He Can Avoid Perjury RapThe Blackwater founder reportedly wants mercenaries in Venezuela. A criminal referral to the DOJ over his Mueller testimony may or may not deter him.
  10. foreign interests
    Venezuela’s Maduro Doesn’t Appear to Be Going Anywhere. What Now?Generals are still standing with Maduro and the regime is finding ways around sanctions. Does the U.S. cut Juan Guaidó loose or tighten the screws?
  11. venezuela
    Marco Rubio Mistakes Venezuelan Journalist Named Germán Dam for an Actual DamIn a tweet over the weekend, the Florida senator mistook a journalist covering the crisis in Venezuela, Germán Dam, for a hydroelectric barrier.
  12. foreign interests
    Guaidó Needs a New Strategy for Toppling the Maduro RegimeThe opposition leader returns to Venezuela facing possible imprisonment and a more drawn-out battle with Maduro than he may have anticipated.
  13. international intrigue
    Venezuela’s Opposition Pushes for Military Force to Topple MaduroOpposition leader Juan Guaidó met with Mike Pence Monday after a violent weekend in Venezuela.
  14. international intrigue
    Maduro and Venezuela’s Opposition Prepare for Dramatic ConfrontationTensions are rising ahead of a Saturday deadline to let humanitarian aid into the country.
  15. politics
    Area Criminal Shocked by Congresswoman Who Cites His Crimes Out LoudSpecial Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams wasn’t pleased when Ilhan Omar called him out for supporting a Salvadoran regime that massacred civilians.
  16. foreign interests
    Trump Should Drop Intervention Threats, Focus on Keeping Troops Out of VenezuelaRather than floating a unilateral assault, the U.S. should be working to prevent a humanitarian crisis that could require international intervention.
  17. foreign interests
    Trump’s Efforts in Venezuela Could Wind Up Doing More Harm Than GoodSo far the administration’s moves have been uncharacteristically deft, but pushing too hard — or attempting a military invasion — would be disastrous.
  18. world view
    Don’t Just Argue Over Trump’s Maduro Stance, Fight to Help VenezuelansAmericans should be focused on promoting stability and helping refugees — while keeping U.S. opportunists from making the crisis even worse.
  19. nicolas maduro
    Report: U.S. Official Met With Rebel Venezuelans Who Wanted to Overthrow MaduroNothing ever came of the gatherings, but Venezuela’s hardline leader will likely use them to bolster his anti-American bona fides.
  20. international affairs
    Crackdown Feared in Venezuela After Alleged Assassination Attempt on MaduroA bizarre alleged attack on Venezuela’s president may help him consolidate even more power in the country.
  21. American Freed From Venezuelan Prison Meets With Trump in Oval OfficeJoshua Holt’s release may signify a thaw in Caracas-Washington relations.
  22. Maduro Wins Second Term in Shattered Venezuela As U.S. Promises New SanctionsThe election was marked by accusations of fraud, and most of the president’s opposition boycotted it.
  23. Venezuelan President Caught Sneaking Empanada After Speech to Starving NationPresident Nicolas Maduro might be the only person in Venezuela not losing weight.
  24. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  25. Trump Administration Imposes New Economic Sanctions on VenezuelaThe U.S. “will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles,” Vice-President Pence said in a tweet.
  26. Trump ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Military Option in … Venezuela?The man is completely stable.
  27. U.S. Slaps Venezuela With More Sanctions As Maduro Escalates Power GrabAllies of the Venezuelan president are swiftly cracking down on the opposition.
  28. Venezuelan Troops Quash Anti-Maduro Attack on Army BaseThe government said it was a “terrorist attack,” but the men claimed they were defending democracy via a “legitimate rebellion.”
  29. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Scoffs at ‘Emperor’ Trump’s SanctionsThe leader is defiant over his controversial vote as two opposition leaders are reportedly arrested.
  30. U.S. Sanctions Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro After Controversial VoteThe U.S. has frozen the leader’s assets, but stopped short of undertaking broader economic sanctions.
  31. Venezuela Sees More Bloodshed Amid Widely Condemned ElectionMillions boycotted the vote for who will draft a new constitution, which was seen as an attempt by President Nicolás Maduro to consolidate power.
  32. international affairs
    Venezuela’s Political Crisis Is Coming to a HeadSunday’s vote to elect a constituent assembly could further undermine the country’s democracy — or unleash large-scale political violence.
  33. q&a
    What the Hell Is Happening in Venezuela?The socialist nation is in free fall. The Times’ Andes bureau chief clues us in on what’s going on and what might come next.
  34. the national interest
    100 Years After the Bolshevik Revolution, Communism Hasn’t ChangedMarxists say they’ve learned their lesson and are ready for another chance.
  35. Goldman Sachs Accused of Giving ‘Lifeline’ to Venezuela’s Socialist DictatorAs Nicolás Maduro’s forces kill protesters and poor Venezuelans starve, the bank’s bond deal put $865 million into the ruling regime’s coffers.
  36. U.S. Hits Venezuela’s VP With Sanctions for Drug TraffickingTareck El Aissami has called the act a “vile aggression.”
  37. Fat-Shamed Miss Universe Was Once Accused of Participating in Murder PlotShe was never charged. “I’m not a saint girl,” she says now.
  38. Venezuela
    Venezuela’s Latest Terrible Economic Idea Is Forced LaborVenezuela’s collapse is killing a lot of people, and there’s little sign of improvement.
  39. spy games
    Edward Snowden Finally Has Some Asylum Offers [Updated]Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia have all reached out.
  40. Edward Snowden Lands in Moscow, Requests Asylum in Ecuador [Updated]He’s landed in Russia, apparently en route to Ecuador.
  41. the poopconomy
    The People of Venezuela Are in Dire Need of Toilet PaperOn the plus side, they have plenty of phone books.
  42. international affairs
    Hugo Chávez Will Be Buried After AllAs opposed to put on permanent display.
  43. international affairs
    Hugo Chávez Will Rest in PublicHis body will be put on permanent display.
  44. international affairs
    Hugo Chávez Died of a Heart AttackSecurity chief says he did not go peacefully.
  45. international affairs
    Hugo Chávez Is Dead and Fidel Castro Is AliveThe Venezuelan president has lost his long battle with cancer.
  46. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney and Hugo Chávez Have Something in CommonThe 47 percent vs. the 45 percent.
  47. south of the border
    Hugo Chavez Says He Would Vote for President Obama If He CouldNot the most helpful endorsement. 
  48. stuck in the mittle
    Hugo Chávez Remark Sparks Foreign Policy Bickering Between Romney and ObamaRomney says Obama is insufficiently alarmed about the Venezuelan leader.
  49. dan rather’s wet dreams
    Venezuelan Journalist Accuses Dan Rather of ‘Necrophiliac Storytelling’Rather is just another journalist with a “morbid wet dream.”
  50. reading into things
    Venezuelan Crossword: Puzzle or Veiled Anti–Hugo Chávez Plot?It included Chavez’s brother’s name and “to kill.”
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