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  1. verdicts
    The Chauvin Verdict Is Not Justice. It’s Self-Preservation.Even as it ended in conviction on murder charges, the trial was a state-level effort to defend the virtues of policing.
  2. chelsea bombing
    Chelsea Bomber Ahmed Rahimi Found GuiltyHe faces a mandatory life sentence.
  3. verdicts
    Martin Shkreli Found Guilty of FraudHe faces up to 20 years in prison.
  4. After the Bridgegate Verdict, Chris Christie Comes Off As the Guiltiest of AllHe may not have been on trial, but the verdict almost assuredly ends his political career for good.
  5. Former Christie Allies Found Guilty on All Counts in Bridgegate TrialBridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Hung Jury Means Florida’s Michael Dunn Escapes First-Degree Murder ChargeThe Florida “loud music” murder case will be retried.
  7. crime and punishment
    Rod Blagojevich Sentenced to Fourteen YearsThe corrupt former Illinois governor is going away for a long time.
  8. verdicts
    New Orleans Cops Found Guilty in Post-Katrina ShootingFive officers were convicted on 25 counts.
  9. verdicts
    Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Found Guilty of Sexual AssaultHe faces life in prison for raping two children.