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  1. technology
    Labor Dept. Asks Communication Companies For Increased Safety Training For Cell Tower Workers
    What We Know About the AT&T OutageAfter thousands of AT&T users were unable to make calls or send texts on Thursday morning, service was fully restored by the afternoon.
  2. pivot
    Verizon’s Media Business Never Made Any SenseMaybe AOL and Yahoo’s new buyer will know what to do with them.
  3. haircare
    Shingy Reflects on His Time at AOL and What’s NextAOL’s Digital Prophet speaks out.
  4. the top line
    I Cut the Cord, But Not to Save Money. TV on the Internet Is Just Better Now.TV through the internet now provides a better user experience than traditional cable.
  5. media
    Verizon Made a $9 Billion Bet on Digital Media. Here’s Why It Failed.By rolling up Yahoo and AOL—including HuffPost, Tumblr and more—the telecom giant was hoping to compete with Google and Facebook. It couldn’t.
  6. death
    Tumblr’s Most Evergreen Meme Has Always Been Its Own DeathThe site’s been dying for years. It’ll keep dying forever.
  7. oath breaker
    Verizon Renames Oath to Verizon Media GroupOath breaking.
  8. select all
    Verizon’s New ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans Are Great If You Love Slow InternetRaking customers over the coals again.
  9. select all
    Oath, the Place Yahoo’ll Go!Verizon is reportedly merging Yahoo and AOL and calling them “Oath.”
  10. select all
    Does Anyone Need 750 Mbps Internet? Verizon Hopes SoVerizon Fios Instant is here, and it’ll give you more bandwidth than you could (probably) ever use.
  11. select all
    Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ReplacementsThe devices were catching on fire, frequently.
  12. 200 Million Yahoo Accounts Got HackedYet another embarrassment to add to the list.
  13. select all
    Your Favorite Business, Comcast, Wants to Be Your Cell-Phone Carrier, TooIt’s teaming up with your other favorite business, Verizon.
  14. Why Verizon Just Spent $4.8 Billion on YahooVerizon wants to buy its way into being an advertising giant.
  15. Bernie Sanders Joins Verizon Workers on Picket Line in New York CityThe democratic socialist condemned the company’s greed in a sidewalk speech to its striking workers. 
  16. This Guy Got Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone NumberHe was not prepared, and he cannot lie.
  17. privacy woes
    If You Have Verizon, the NSA Has Been Secretly Collecting Your Phone RecordsApparently the Bush-era practice lives on.
  18. scary internet things
    The Internet’s ‘Six Strikes’ Rule and YouBy annoying you with alerts and (maybe) throttling your bandwidth.
  19. hurricane sandy
    Verizon Says Manhattan Landlords Want Cash for CableThe company says it can’t get access to buildings unless it pays.
  20. commercialized cats
    Verizon Workers Rescue Strangled Cat From Tree, Name It FiosSome sick individual hung Fios from a tree with a wire around its neck.
  21. safe text
    Verizon Scares the Crap Out of NJ Subscribers“Extreme alert” — no, sorry, just a test.
  22. cell phones
    Chuck Schumer on the Side of Phone LosersEspecially if they don’t have Verizon.
  23. downsides
    The Perils of Being Verizon’s ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ GuyPeople pick inconsiderate times to utter your catchphrase.
  24. my iphone brings all the subscribers to the yard
    Verdict on the Verizon iPhone: Same As AT&T’s, Only BetterFewer dropped calls, slightly slower data speed.
  25. smartphone smackdown
    Tried to Make Me Buy the Verizon iPhone, I Said No, No, NoLet the backlash begin!
  26. the future is coming
    Mythic Verizon iPhone Finally Let Loose Upon the WorldIt’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeere. And AT&T isn’t happy.
  27. the future is coming
    Verizon and AT&T Bitch-Slap Each Other: The Coming iPhone WarThe iPhone war a’cometh.
  28. iphone therefore i am
    WSJ: Apple To Produce New iPhone For Verizon By End Of YearApple will have new version of smartphone ready by end of year.
  29. refunds
    Verizon Announces Massive Customer Refund PayoutUp to $90 million.
  30. iphone therefore i am
    Verizon Customers May Finally Be Able to Get iPhonesIn just seven months!
  31. anachronisms
    White Pages to Go the Way of VHSYou’ll soon have to use something called the Internet.
  32. iphone therefore i am
    Is the Verizon iPhone Finally Coming This Summer?And will it be thinner and faster than the current iPhone?
  33. election hangover
    Obama’s Antiquated Cell Phone Breach!Verizon has confessed that some rogue employees were accessing the President-elect’s ‘simple voice flip-phone’ records.
  34. company town
    Andrew Cuomo’s Kiddie VictoryPlus the latest on what’s up with UBS, Beth Israel, and McDonald’s in our daily industry roundup.
  35. company town
    Sandy Weill Pulls Golden Carpet From Underneath Charles PrinceIn our daily industry roundup, the former Citigroup chairman second-guesses himself on the appointment of successor Charles Prince. And more!