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  1. vermin!
    New York Rat Complaints SurgeThe internet videos were just the beginning.
  2. vermin!
    Bedbug Nation Attempts to Join the U.N.Gross.
  3. stand clear of the closing doors
    Bedbugs Transfer to the 5 TrainWhich train will be next?!
  4. stand clear of the bedbugs
    Bedbugs Are Just Using the Subway to Get to More BedsAnd MTA employee lockers.
  5. stand clear of the bedbugs
    The Subway Has BedbugsBedbugs on the N train! (Trainbugs?)
  6. vermin!
    New York City’s Bedbug Numbers Are Way DownGood job, everyone.
  7. vermin!
    Magnolia Bakery Blames Hurricane Sandy for Mouse ProblemThe Sex and the City staple and tourist trap has been closed since Thursday.
  8. the war on bedbugs
    Fear of Bedbugs Can Be More Dangerous Than Actual BedbugsNot much of a comfort.
  9. rat tales
    New York Rats Remain FearlessAs if you needed a reminder.
  10. the war on bedbugs
    Experts: ‘Bed Bugs Are Not Going Away Any Time Soon’Bad news from the front lines of the war on bedbugs.
  11. bloodsuckers
    Waldorf Astoria Bedbugs Drove Woman to Madness“I felt like something very important was taken from my life that night and was never returned.” And she doesn’t just mean her blood.
  12. next level
    ‘A Condom Can’t Protect You From Bedbugs, That’s for Sure!’Stacy Handwerker is always on the lookout for a good man, but there’s one thing that she won’t be letting into her knickers: bedbugs!
  13. fall of bedbugs?
    After Bedbug Outbreak at the Ballet, Lincoln Center Finds ‘Isolated’ Incidences at the MetNo culture is too highbrow for bedbugs to crawl into.
  14. vermin!
    The Waldorf Has BedbugsThis was inevitable.
  15. the bugs
    Bedbugs Hit Wall Street JournalThey were brought in by one of the lousy subsidiary publications. OF COURSE.
  16. the bugs
    Howard Stern Becomes First Celebrity to Admit to a Bedbug ProblemWhat other celebrities have The Bugs?
  17. vermin!
    Coming Soon: Dogs Patrolling the Halls of Condé Nast, After HoursThey’ll be looking for drugs! Er, bedbugs. Definitely bedbugs.
  18. bedbugs
    Manhattan Niketown Closes Indefinitely After Bedbug InfestationThey strike again.
  19. bedbugs
    Bedbugs Invade Manhattan District Attorney’s OfficeCrime-fighters beware: don’t sleep on the office couch.
  20. the summer of bedbugs
    Bedbugs Descend Upon Google’s New York OfficeThe “Summer of Bedbugs” continues.
  21. the summer of bedbugs
    Bedbugs Hit the Empire State BuildingThe vermin has made itself known, and it’s not going away just yet.
  22. vermin!
    Bedbug Infestation Shuts Down Times Square Movie TheaterIncidentally, is there a creepier word than “infestation”?
  23. the summer of bedbugs
    Bedbugs Attack, From Midtown to BrooklynThe Summer of Bedbugs continued this weekend.
  24. vermin!
    Government To Launch Bedbug Education Program For New YorkersThe Summer of Bedbugs gets the city’s attention.
  25. vermin!
    There Are Bedbugs Between Hachette Book Group’s CoversAs if the publishing industry doesn’t have enough problems.
  26. vermin!
    Bedbugs Now Believe They Deserve to Go to the Hamptons, TooEntitled little buggers.
  27. vermin!
    Bedbugs Target College, Health DepartmentWhere will they attack next?