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Very Bad Things

  1. very bad things
    Saudi Arabia Is Giving a Blogger 1,000 Lashes for Insulting IslamAnd ten years in prison for insulting Islam. 
  2. very bad things
    Boko Haram May Have Killed Up to 2,000 NigeriansA whole town razed to the ground.
  3. very bad things
    As Many As 1.2 Million Cards May Have Been Compromised in Staples Data BreachBad news for teachers.
  4. Man Stabbed Overnight at Crown Heights Chabad HQIn an apparent hate crime.
  5. very bad things
    New York Doctor Forced Plan B Pill Down Woman’s ThroatAnd choked her.
  6. very bad things
    Gambia Will Lock Gays Up and Throw Away the KeyEspecially if they have HIV/AIDS.
  7. very bad things
    Indonesia Wants Female Cops to Be God-Fearing VirginsAnd they have to undergo a test to prove it, too. 
  8. very bad things
    FBI Agent Impersonated AP Reporter to Catch a TeenAny guesses as to why that’s a bad idea?
  9. very bad things
    Mass Grave in Mexico May Be Missing Student ProtestersLocal police are suspected in the killings.
  10. very bad things
    At Least 7 Injured by Santiago, Chile Metro BombOfficials are treating it as a terrorist attack.
  11. Ebola’s Patient Zero Was a 2-Year-Old BoyHe lived on Guinea’s border with Sierra Leone and Liberia.
  12. very bad things
    Ukraine and Russia Are Careening Toward WarTensions are still flaring on both sides.
  13. very bad things
    Saudi Man Dies, Ahead of Hajj, While Being Tested for EbolaThis doesn’t look good for October’s pilgrimage.
  14. very bad things
    People Are Dying Because of a Heat Wave in JapanFifteen are dead, and thousands of others hospitalized.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Posh Manhattan Preschool Shaken Up by Messy Sex Abuse AllegationsThe accused confessed and then recanted. 
  16. very bad things
    Connecticut Plane Crash Victims Identified 54-year-old Bill Henningsgaard was flying his 17-year-old son Max to visit colleges.
  17. today in torture
    Report: Unreleased Abu Ghraib Photos Show RapeA general who compiled a 2004 report on prison abuses in Iraq says the photos Obama has decided not to release contain graphic, devastating imagery.