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Very Sad And Scary Things

  1. crime
    Why Did Two Girls Want to Kill for Slender Man?The problem wasn’t that they didn’t know they were living in a fantasy world. The problem was that they couldn’t — or didn’t — extricate themselves.
  2. very sad and scary things
    ‘F*ck Your Breath,’ Says Cop to Man Who Was ShotAnother horrifying police shooting caught on tape.
  3. very sad and scary things
    3 Dead After Daylong Hostage Situation in Sydney Café [Updated]After 16 hours, the siege ended when police stormed the building.
  4. islamic state watch
    Peter Kassig’s Parents Release Video PleaThe Islamic State threatened to kill 26-year-old Peter Kassig on Friday. 
  5. very sad and scary things
    More Dispatches on the Ebola Outbreak From West African News OutletsThe virus has closed schools, put an end to handshakes, and caused an online shopping surge.
  6. islamic state watch
    ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker David Haines [Updated]And they’re threatening to kill another Briton.
  7. very sad and scary things
    Bronx Man Decapitates Himself in PublicA “spectacularly gruesome suicide.”
  8. guns
    A 9-Year-Old and an Uzi: More Horrifying Details“What we’re kind of kicking around right now is like at Disneyland … “
  9. very sad and scary things
    ISIS Kidnapped a 26-Year-Old American Woman, Demands $6.6 Milllion RansomKidnapped while providing aid in Syria.
  10. iraq
    Obama Delivers Fiery Attack on ISIS After Beheading of Journalist James Foley“There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread.”
  11. very sad and scary things
    There Aren’t Enough Body Bags for Liberia’s Ebola VictimsProper disposal is key to containing the disease.
  12. journalism
    How West African News Outlets Are Covering the Ebola Outbreak Dispatches on price-gouging, distracted lawmakers, and Donald Trump.
  13. very sad and scary things
    12-Year-Old Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial She believes she’s capable of doing a Vulcan “mind meld.”
  14. You Probably Shouldn’t Travel to Places With Ebola, Says CDCDon’t go. Don’t get Ebola.
  15. very sad and scary things
    Could History’s Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak Spread Outside of West Africa?670 people have already died from the disease.
  16. very sad and scary things
    2 American Aid Workers Have Contracted Ebola in LiberiaBoth are working in the country through faith-based organizations.
  17. Dozens Dead As Plane Crashes Into Residential Buildings in TaiwanThe passenger jet was attempting an emergency landing. 
  18. very sad and scary things
    Absolutely Horrifying Craigslist Murder Leaves Pregnant Teen, Boyfriend DeadThe shocking case in Michigan has the grisliest details imaginable.
  19. very sad and scary things
    NYC Serial Stabber Daniel St. Hubert Reportedly Transferred to BellevueMeanwhile, his 7-year-old victim is still recovering.
  20. very sad and scary things
    1 Killed and 3 Wounded in Shooting at Seattle Pacific UniversityThe attack ended when some students managed to tackle the gunman.
  21. very sad and scary things
    Terrifying Details From the Slender Man StabbingCatching up on the most disturbing crime story in the country at the moment.
  22. very sad and scary things
    Police Still Searching for Man Who Fatally Stabbed 6-Year-Old in Elevator The suspect might also be responsible for the murder of an 18-year-old in the area.
  23. very sad and scary things
    Three Bodies Found in Elliot Rodger’s HomeThey were reportedly stabbed to death.
  24. very sad and scary things
    Santa Barbara Shooter Left Behind a Collection of Disturbing Videos22-year-old Elliot Rodger described some of his motives on his YouTube channel.
  25. very sad and scary things
    Obama, Kerry: U.S. Will Help Find Nigerian GirlsBetter late than never.
  26. human rights
    Kidnapped Nigerian Girls: ExplainerA primer on the international tragedy.