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  1. afghanistan
    Who Will Remember Afghanistan?As the country falls to the Taliban, a veteran looks back.
  2. veterans affairs
    VA Secretary Robert Wilkie Doubted Aide’s Sexual Assault Report, Per WatchdogRobert Wilkie and top staffers initially tried to discredit a veteran’s claims of sexual assault, instead of investigating the alleged perpetrator.
  3. politics
    Labor Dispute Opens New Front in Fight to Privatize the VAThe union that represents VA staffers adamantly opposes privatization. The VA is now trying to weaken it.
  4. veterans
    The Trump Administration Is Launching Stealth Attacks on VeteransThe White House is making it easier for predatory lenders to profit off veterans’ misplaced trust, while letting Trump’s golfing buddies rule the VA.
  5. Trump Loyalists Accused of Purging VA Ahead of New Secretary’s ArrivalMore than a dozen career civil servants say they’ve been reassigned or forced out by Peter O’Rourke’s team in his final weeks as acting secretary.
  6. Nominating Ronny Jackson to Lead VA Cost Trump His PhysicianIt’s unclear if he’ll leave the White House, but he won’t be attending to the president any longer.
  7. scandals
    Trump’s Unqualified, Scandal-Ridden VA Pick Forfeits NominationRonny Jackson had no relevant experience to manage a bureaucracy. Then, he was accused of alcoholism, pill-pushing, and abusing his subordinates.
  8. After Botching Ronny Jackson’s VA Nomination, Trump Doubles DownEven Republicans are blaming Trump’s sloppy selection process for the latest scandal, and his contradictory response only added to the chaos.
  9. Trump Didn’t Vet VA Pick, and Now Misconduct Claims May Derail His ConfirmationRonny Jackson’s confirmation hearing has been postponed amid allegations said to include excessive drinking on the job and improperly dispensing meds.
  10. Trump’s Habit of Firing via Tweet Could Spark Legal ShowdownDavid Shulkin insists he didn’t resign, he was fired. That could lead to a battle over whether Trump is abusing the Vacancies Reform Act.
  11. Trump Replaces Veterans Secretary With His Personal DoctorDavid Shulkin is out. The man who declared that Trump is in “excellent” health – thanks to his “incredible genes” – is in.
  12. The VA Chief Faked an Award to Get a Taxpayer-Funded Vacation for His WifeSecretary David Shulkin’s wife traveled to Europe with him last summer and taxpayers footed the bill.