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  1. vision 2024
    If Biden Retires in 2024, Kamala Harris Will Be the Democratic NomineeFor all the negative punditry about the veep lately, don’t underestimate all the advantages she’ll have if Biden gives way to her.
  2. Actually, Pence’s Toadying Is His Best Shot at Becoming PresidentJournalist Matt Bai tries to make the case that Pence has no future in presidential politics. That’s likely wrong.
  3. What If Trump Had Asked Condi Rice to Be Veep?He had her on his original veep-prospect list. She wasn’t interested, but it creates an interesting thought experiment.
  4. Don’t Look Now But Republican Veep Speculation Has Begun!The second spot on the GOP ticket could be a bargaining chip to seal the nomination, a unity gesture, or even the object of a delegate revolt against the nominee. Anything seems possible.
  5. The Case for a Clinton-Warren TicketOther than old and unfounded superstitions, there’s no reason Clinton shouldn’t reach out to Elizabeth Warren as a running mate if she wins the nomination, ending a party split before it really begins. 
  6. The Myth of the Battleground-State Veep CandidateA new study confirms what common sense should have already taught us: The No. 2 on a ticket isn’t much help at home.
  7. Joe Biden’s Swearing-in Bumped Up So Sonia Sotomayor Could Get to a Book SigningPresident Obama’s swearing-in due just before noon.
  8. master debaters
    How Moderator Martha Raddatz Won the DebateShe can moderate the hell out of a debate.
  9. early and often
    Sarah Palin Gets the Disney TreatmentMatt Damon likened her possible presidency to a bad Disney movie — and of course, that bad Disney movie has now been cobbled together. Internet, you never let us down!
  10. early and often
    Enough With the Damn Obama-Veep Speculation AlreadySeriously. How many headlines are there on this topic today? Can’t we just wait 24 hours and find out? What happened to the good old-fashioned element of surprise?
  11. early and often
    Hillary Wants Something. Does She Even Know What It Is?Like genius ‘Lost’ mastermind Ben, does Clinton have some kind of crazy scheme up her sleeve (or a time-travel chamber?) to wrest control of the nomination from Obama? Or is it simply that she’s angling for a spot on the ticket?
  12. early and often
    Who’s Ready to Pick a Vice-President?Clinton will run with Obama if he’ll have her, which he probably won’t, while McCain has morbid people pointing out the importance of his selection.
  13. early and often
    Heilemann: Rove and Poppy Back Romney’s Pushy Campaign for VP SlotBut McCain would be wise to think twice before running with a guy whom he kind of hates.