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  1. psychedelics
    The Curious Life and Mind-Altering Death of Justin ClarkIt’s rare to become addicted to esoteric hallucinogens. But it’s not impossible.
  2. stop the presses
    BuzzFeed Is About to Go Public — and Its Employees Are Walking Out in ProtestThe small but high-profile BuzzFeed News unit is using the occasion to register dissatisfaction with management.
  3. media
    Vice’s Race to Save Itself“Making do with less” has become a theme at the once-swaggering youth-media company, as executives try to find a willing buyer.
  4. media
    Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff. What Happens When It Gets Called?For almost 25 years, Shane Smith’s plan was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded.
  5. Tom Arnold Teams Up With Vice to Hunt for the Missing Trump TapesAnd he says there are a lot of them.
  6. Vice Holds Field Day in Brooklyn As Dozens of Employees Are Laid OffLike so many other media entities, Vice is making a stronger push into video.
  7. select all
    The Rise of Video Is Making 2016 a Weird Year to Be a Digital PublisherIt’s video all the way down.
  8. journalism
    Turkey Reportedly Releases Vice Journalists Arrested Earlier This WeekTheir fixer remains in jail.
  9. journalism
    Vice Journalists Accused of ‘Terror Activity’ in TurkeyTheir translator was also arrested.
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Is Vice Getting Nice? Meet Ellis Jones, the magazine’s new editor.
  11. 21 questions
    Vice Co-founder Suroosh Alvi Thinks New York Is ‘BOOOORRRINGGG’The Vice co-founder takes on our New York questionnaire.
  12. media
    Time Warner Pulls Out of Vice Negotiations; A&E Steps InA new deal.
  13. blog-stained wretches
    McInnes Might Lose Ad Job Over Awful Blog PostGavin McInnes has done it again. 
  14. oh brooklyn
    Vice Is Getting a $6.5 Million Tax Break for Taking Over WilliamsburgThe billion-dollar, millennial-oriented media company is moving to the south side.
  15. cocaine-stained wretches
    Time Warner Wants a Piece of That Hot Vice ActionThe companies are reportedly in serious talks.
  16. media
    Vice’s Simon Ostrovsky Details His Capture in Ukraine“My release was as unexplained as my capture.”
  17. media
    Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Freed in Ukraine“They had my picture,” he said of his captors.
  18. media
    Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Held in UkraineIt highlights the very real risks of Vice’s reporting in war zones and authoritarian regimes.
  19. international intrigue
    Vice Journalist Reportedly Captured by Militia in Ukraine Simon Ostrovsky last tweeted about the town’s self-appointed mayor arguing with reporters.
  20. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdoch Son Lands on Vice Media BoardThe prodigal one is back in business.
  21. Vice Wants to Hire the Person Making Fun of It on Twitter“It’s where I’m getting most of my story ideas.”
  22. the internet
    Quiz: Real Vice Headline or @Vice_Is_Hip Parody?A new Twitter account is so realistic it’s funny.
  23. oh brooklyn
    Vice Literally Moving Into Williamsburg Thrift StoreThe rich media company is taking over Brooklyn.
  24. media
    Vice Media Valued at $1.4 Billion21st Century Fox buys in.
  25. international affairs
    Vice Would Have Rather Sent Michael Jordan to North KoreaHe turned them down, but they were fine with Rodman.
  26. media
    The New Yorker on New-Media Cowboys: Vice vs. Business InsiderBoth were profiled this week.
  27. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Is Aware of This Newfangled ‘VICE Media’A little late, but it’s good to know he’s committed to keeping up. 
  28. early and often
    Stylish Downtown Debate Party Absorbs an Obama LossNew York City’s hipster PAC drank through a “tough” night.
  29. media
    Vice, Bill Maher, and Fareed Zakaria Are Making an HBO ShowIt’s guaranteed to be zany.
  30. self-promotion
    So Someone Got a Tattoo With New York Magazine’s Logo on ItWhat’s the matter with the rest of you?
  31. upstart startups
    Did You Know Vice Employs 750 People in 34 Countries?That seems like a lot.
  32. overheard in the newsroom
    David Carr Puts Vice Founder in His Place“Just because you put on a fucking safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do.”