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    Heelflipping Vine Child Grows Up to Be 13-Year-Old Olympic Silver MedalistRayssa Leal’s Pro Skater on Nintendo Switch when?
  2. influencers
    Former Vine Star Cameron Dallas Ended 2018 With Arrest for Alleged AssaultHe claims he was just defending himself.
  3. obits
    Colin Kroll, HQ Trivia and Vine Co-Founder, Dead at 34From a suspected drug overdose.
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    Vine Follow-up V2 Put on Indefinite HoldIt’s time to move on to other apps.
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    How Many Questions Can You Get Right on the Vine AP Test?A high-school student created the ultimate Vine exam.
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    Happy Valentine’s Day, Tommy Lee Got Engaged to Vine’s Brittany FurlanLove is real.
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    Here Are the First Details About Vine Follow-up v2It’s launching later this year.
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    How a Bizarre Poetry Book of Vines Became a No. 1 Amazon Best SellerMilk and Vine features quotes from Vines presented as poetry in the style of Rupi Kaur, so why the heck is it the best-selling book on Amazon?
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    Katy Perry’s Dancing House Falling Off Stage Makes Me Miss VineImagine the looping-video possibilities.
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    PSA: You Have 24 Hours Left to Save Your Vines Before They’re Deleted ForeverHere’s how to make sure your six-second videos live on forever.
  11. Vine Gets Second Chance As Camera AppThe Twitter-owned app isn’t going away entirely.
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    Could Paying Millions of Dollars to Creators Have Saved Vine?Last year, a group of Vine’s biggest stars asked for over $1 million each to keep creating content. Vine said no.
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    How Vine Created a Culture and Lost Control of ItTwitter announced that it is discontinuing the six-second-video app.
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    The 23 Most Important Vines of All TimeTo celebrate Vine’s untimely death, we’ve selected 23 Vines that truly represent the service.
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    The Death of Vine Makes the Internet a Worse PlaceIf you’ve always imagined Vine as a flash-in-the-pan social network, you missed out on one of the internet’s weirdest and funniest spaces.
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    Twitter Is Discontinuing VineTwitter is discontinuing the once-popular video-sharing app.
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    This Is Just a Good Vine, WowWe promise it’s really good.
  18. How I Learned to Love Digital ZoomOld-school purists hate it, but it adds a special something.
  19. I’m Tired of Waiting for the Video to Get GoodInstagram and Vine are increasing video length, but not letting users navigate them.
  20. Here Are 7 Funny Things You Missed on the Internet This WeekA very serious discussion.
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    Teens and the Journal Agree: Vine Is Dying and Going to Facebook HeavenSix seconds spent on Vine is six seconds too many.
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    12 Perfect Election Vines to Catch You Up With the PrimariesThings aren’t looking so good for Jeb.
  23. The Story of ‘Back at It Again at Krispy Kreme’Meet the hero behind the infamous tumble.
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    Latest Animal to Yell Like a Human Is This DogDamn, this dog is loud.
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    Welcome to the Vine Election“MacBook Pro, baby.”
  26. The Vine Heard Round the WorldThe video service isn’t your first stop for news, but it might be soon.
  27. Vine Stars Livetweet Their Movie DebutWhy buy the cow (the Vine stars’ movie) when you can get the milk (Vine stars livetweeting themselves watching their movie) for free?
  28. Today’s Soothing Dog Affirmation Is a Pup Dancing to Toto’s ‘Africa’The wild dogs cry out in the night; it’s gonna take a lot to drag him away from you.
  29. I Refuse to Give Away This Vine’s Twist EndingPlease watch and like.
  30. internet fame
    30 People the Internet Needs You to Know A useful cheat sheet for the biggest names on the web.
  31. internet
    Here’s an 11-Minute Compilation of VinesWatch it?
  32. Instagram and Vine Are Making Us All Video StarsThanks to technological advances, we’re no longer confined to the tyranny of the still.
  33. tech feuds
    Facebook and Twitter Are Slowly Becoming Each OtherThe social-media singularity is near.
  34. fruit of the vine
    Celebrities Pull Back the Curtain on Vine and It Is BoringDick Van Dyke has a cat that eats wigs.
  35. the internet
    Everything You Always* Wanted to Know About Vine Porn But Were Afraid to AskWhat is Vine porn? How do I watch it? Why are people upset about it?