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  1. early and often
    ‘Self-Defense Is Self-Care’: How Liberal Gun Owners See the Election“The tree can’t be harmed if the Lorax is armed.”
  2. vision 2020
    Trump Closes Campaign With Bold Anti-Democracy, Pro-Violence MessageThe president apparently believes he can win over moderates by vowing to fire Fauci, subvert democracy, and promote political violence.
  3. vision 2020
    Americans Are Becoming More Open to Post-Election ViolenceA study found growing bipartisan tolerance for political unrest, reflecting both Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election and deeper divisions.
  4. ideas
    How Fantasy Triumphed Over Reality in American PoliticsThat doesn’t mean that the nation is on the verge of collapse, or even in decline. A new phase of history might be just beginning.
  5. republican national convention
    Pence Warns That America Won’t Be America Without TrumpEven the president hasn’t yet made such a sweeping boast tying himself to the essence of the nation.
  6. mass shooting
    ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ Kills 9 in Attack on German BarsThe shooting in Hanau targeted shisha bars popular with young Kurdish and Turkish people.
  7. crime
    Everything We Know About the Jersey City ShootingThe FBI is treating Tuesday’s deadly attack on a kosher market as an act of domestic terrorism and a hate crime.
  8. violence
    Multiple Injuries, Two Dead in Santa Clarita, California, School ShootingTwo students are dead after a classmate shot five other students and himself. The suspect is in “grave condition.”
  9. crime
    Report: Trump Invoked in 36 Cases of Violence and ThreatsAccording to an analysis, ABC News could not find a single instance of violence or threats made in the name of Barack Obama or George W. Bush.
  10. donald trump
    Is Trump the True Heir of Andrew Jackson?It’s common to think of Trump as exhibiting this or that trait of Andrew Jackson. But as Matthew Continetti suggests, he may reflect all of them.
  11. pittsburgh synagogue shooting
    What We Know About Robert Bowers, Alleged Pittsburgh Synagogue ShooterHe was a quiet loner in person, but his hatred was evident online.
  12. politics
    Focus Moves to Florida in Explosive Device InvestigationSeveral packages are believed to have passed through South Florida’s largest mail processing facility.
  13. politics
    These Prominent Conservatives Think the Bomb Scares Are a Liberal Hoax“Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing,” Rush Limbaugh said.
  14. 2018 midterms
    Violent Political Rhetoric Can Feed Political ViolenceAs excitement mounts in the runup to a critical election, it’s important that we recognize that politics isn’t, or shouldn’t be, actual warfare.
  15. mass shooting
    Four Dead, Including the Suspect, in Maryland Warehouse ShootingA 26-year-old temp at a Rite Aid warehouse gunned down three others before killing herself.
  16. crime
    Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro, ‘Brazil’s Donald Trump,’ Is StabbedThe wound “was superficial and he is well,” Bolsonaro’s son said in a tweet.
  17. race
    Whiteness Doesn’t Cause Mass ShootingsIt’s a compelling-seeming and click-worthy argument, but it’s also a glib and pernicious one that progressives should steer clear of.
  18. It’s Time to Redraw the Line Between Violent and Nonviolent Political ActivismInstead of finger-pointing or empty expressions of civility, the best reaction to today’s shooting is a clear refusal to support or incite violence.
  19. Federal Judge Says Trump Incited Violence at Campaign Rally, Lawsuit Can ProceedA federal judge has ruled that what Trump says actually matters, and in the case of a campaign rally last year, plausibly incited violence.
  20. politics
    Trump Rushed Offstage at Rally After False Gun Scare During Attack on ProtesterThe protester in question just had a “Republicans against Trump” sign.
  21. deplorables
    Trump Wants to ‘See What Happens’ to Clinton If Her Bodyguards Are DisarmedHe said it would be “very dangerous” for Clinton without protection.
  22. Two Killed, Multiple People Injured in Shootings During J’ouvert CelebrationsDespite a heightened NYPD presence and security measures.
  23. Police: Man Arrested at Nevada Rally Said He Wanted to Kill TrumpA man tried to steal a police officer’s gun at a Trump rally Saturday — then told cops that he’d come to kill the GOP nominee.
  24. Can Republicans Recover From Convention Chaos? Democrats Did in 1968 After polling at just 28 percent around Labor Day, Hubert Humphrey came back and almost beat Richard Nixon.
  25. anti-trump protests
    Tucson Trump Rally Marred by ViolenceAnother protester got sucker-punched, and Trump’s campaign manager was filmed getting involved in a separate altercation as well.
  26. trump vs. bernie
    Donald Trump Blames, Threatens Bernie Sanders Over Rally Violence“If conservative Republicans ever went into his rally, you would see things happen that would be unbelievable.”
  27. Trump on His Supporters Attacking Protesters: ‘That’s What We Need More Of’Donald Trump pivots to the general election, defends mob violence.
  28. very sad things
    3 American Siblings Found Dead in MexicoThey went missing a few weeks ago.
  29. Watching Ferguson: Violence Erupts in the StreamFollowing Ferguson on social media, where images of rage interrupt the usual sports chat and movie-casting rumors.
  30. Black Friday: A History of ViolenceThe one day Americans come together to trample each other for sale items.
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    Red Bulls Youth Coach Dies in Disturbing Union Square SlashingThe victim had his throat slashed and lost an ear.
  32. columbine
    Police Investigating Hammer Attack at Columbine High SchoolA 14-year-old female student attacked a pair of students, one of whom she had had problems with before.
  33. the most important people in the world
    Post: Robert De Niro’s Daughter Drena, Attacks Ex-Boyfriend, FloraHere’s a police report you don’t see every day.
  34. london riots
    U.K. Cities See a Lull in ViolenceBlame it on the rain.
  35. region of unrest
    Qaddafi’s Son Warns of Civil WarClaims “there will be rivers of blood all over Libya” if his father is removed.
  36. region of unrest
    Violence Escalates in Libya As Protesters and Military ClashAccording to some reports, “Benghazi is now in the hands of protesters and their military allies.”
  37. unrest
    Government Security Forces Open Fire on Protesters in Libya“It is too late for dialogue now,” said a Benghazi resident.
  38. neighborhood news
    Three Men Shot Outside Brooklyn Church Following Baby ShowerThey are expected to survive.
  39. terrible things
    Tenth Suspect Arraigned in Bronx Beating CaseBecause why stop at nine?
  40. road rage
    Traffic Agent Beaten Violently by Double Parker With Apparent Rage ProblemThankfully, he’s in stable condition now.
  41. mosques
    Worshipers at Western New York Mosque Harassed by TeensConnection to ground-zero mosque controversy “unclear.”
  42. things to avoid
    If You’re Still at Work, Avoid the Male InternThey want to punch you in the face.
  43. pakistan
    Deadly Blasts Strike Pakistan ShrineAt least 37 killed and 175 injured.
  44. juiceheads
    The Situation’s Abs Literally Incite ViolenceNaturally, the Situation understood when cops urged him to put his shirt back on.
  45. intel
    Donald Trump Jr. Gets Into Mixed Martial ArtsHis family’s first foray into pay-per-view violence kicks off (literally) this weekend.
  46. in other news
    That Basketball Brawl Is in Reruns When we read today that a brawl at last night’s PSAL basketball championships at the Garden had spilled out into the streets — only to be caught by WCBS’s cameras — we thought to ourselves, Haven’t we heard this story before? Well, we had, sort of. In an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s much-beloved-but-nonetheless-canceled Sports Night, the show’s crew captures footage of a mêlée at a fictional high-school basketball game at, yes, the Garden. (Presumably, unlike Sports Night character Natalie Hurley, no one at Channel 2 refused to hand over the tape because of a bad breakup.) Coming up next week on Aaron Sorkin Controls the Universe: SNL is forced to scramble when its star ends up in a Nevada prison just hours before a live taping. —Joe DeLessio Police Arrest 21 in ‘March Badness’ MSG Brawl [WCBS-TV] Sports Night, “And the Crowd Goes Wild” [YouTube]
  47. the morning line
    Bloomberg Succeeds in Prying Guns From Warm, Live Hands • Bloomberg’s novel anti-gun initiative — going after out-of-state dealers — is paying off. (It also shows an unusually, um, national-minded thinking from a city mayor). Six gun stores in outlying states have agreed to let court officials monitor their sales; twelve more are being sued into agreement. [NYT] • The Daily News has a cover story that would drive O. Henry to suicide: A Staten Island woman gets the news of her fiancé’s death in Iraq, followed two hours later by a FedExed engagement ring from him. We don’t normally fall for the human-face-of-war stuff from our tabs, but Christ. [NYDN] • D.J. Carl Blaze of Power 105.1 is in the hospital after getting shot “at least 13 times.” The details are murky, and the shooter took Blaze’s $20,000 gold chain, but the hail of bullets appears far too excessive for a robbery. [NYP] • A Brooklyn rabbi was cuffed and jailed on child-molestation charges last night, after the lawsuit against him made the papers earlier in the week. The alleged victim is a 9-year-old who claims to have been abused for two years. Neighbors say the rabbi “doesn’t fit the criteria.” [WNBC] • Demolition is set to begin in a couple of hours on the iconic, conical Revere Sugar Refinery in Red Hook. Thor Equities, which is also building on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint and Coney Island waterfronts, snatched up the factory in a less-publicized deal for $40 million. [amNY]
  48. the morning line
    Everything Good Is Bad for You • A massive, almost Gangs of New York–style group fight in the unlikeliest of settings — Union Square’s Greenmarket — left one teenager dead. The two bands of high-school rivals, numbering around 50, wielded “canes, belts, fists and more.” Another teen is in serious condition at St. Vincent’s with multiple stab wounds. [WNBC] • Vegetables are bad for you, part two: Two more Taco Bells closed, both on Long Island, amid region-wide E. coli poisonings (99 to date and counting). The infection has been traced, surprisingly, to the scallions the company sprinkles atop its ground mystery meat. [amNY] • Reading is bad for you: P.S. 150 in Queens is pulling a young-adult book about coming out, a poetry collection that uses naughty words, and other titles. [NYDN] • Tishman Speyer, taking a break from its historic buying spree, casually set another record by selling 666 Fifth Avenue — which the company bought six years ago for about $500 million — to the Kushner family for $1.8 billion, the largest sum ever paid for a single building. [NYT] • And the Times runs a thoughtful piece about the perils of taking the little ones to Broadway shows. In a case of unfortunate placement, however, the article is rendered unbelievably gross by its proximity to another report: “Broadway Actor Denies Sex Charge.” Yet another peril. [NYT]