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  1. Is It Too Late to Declare This Rubber Chicken EDM Track the Song of Summer?Just wait till the beat drops.
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    Watching This Teacher Sing to Her Class Is Giving Me Secondhand Embarrassment“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m your teacher, so listen maybe.”
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    Watch This and Relive the Stress of Learning to DriveStop. Start. Stop. Start.
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    Savage 2-Year-Old Solves the Trolley ProblemThat’s one way to do it.
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    Despite Having Just One Friend, Kevin Is Pumped About 4th GradeThis kid is going places. Namely, the fourth grade. And then the fifth grade. And then college.
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    People Are Apparently Still Trampling Each Other Over Pokémon GoTons of people ran through the streets in Taiwan.
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    These Olympic Runners Tripped, Fell, Got Up Together, and Finished Their RaceA runner from New Zealand fell during today’s heat and took an American runner down with her.
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    Michael Phelps Is Also Pretty Good at GolfPerhaps a new career for the retiring Olympian.
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    That Whole ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ Thing Still Applies to Your FeetThis has been a public service announcement.
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    This Olympic Swimmer Didn’t Know She Medaled Until a Reporter Told Her on CameraHer reaction when she finally finds out is the stuff memes are made of.
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    Reminder: Bears Do Not Belong in Your HouseAhhhhhhh!
  12. This Hysterical Kid Laughs Like an Adorable Evil GeniusSo innocent. So sweet.
  13. Let This Japanese Swim Team’s Majestic ‘Let It Go’ Cool You DownSo refreshing.
  14. Maybe Don’t Light Your Swimming Pool on FireEven if it is in the name of science.
  15. Please Stop Shooting People With Nerf Guns for Internet FameIt’s just not funny anymore.
  16. This Guy Hacked a Bike and Turned It Into a Little CarIt actually looks fun to drive.
  17. Perfect Chair-Flipping Is the New Perfect Bottle-FlippingYou can thank two teens from New Zealand.
  18. Turns Out Squirrels Are Very Good at Pulling Out TeethAll you need is some string and a willing child participant.
  19. This Cat-Filled German Supermarket Ad Is Going ViralCats pushing grocery carts? Yes, please.
  20. Little Kid Will Never Trust Another Adult After Mom Takes Him on Roller Coaster“What the hell!”
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    Guy Whose 2014 Video About How Annandale Sucks Went Viral: It Still SucksOverall, his feelings about Annandale tilt toward the negative.
  22. Hoverboarding Man-Child Demands His 5 a.m. Tostitos and Pop-TartsDon’t be this guy. Never be this guy.
  23. Dad Welcomes Newborn Baby by Re-creating Iconic Scene from The Lion King“It’s the circle … the circle of viral videos and ‘90s nostalgia.”
  24. Don’t Try Eating Corn With a Power Drill Unless You Want to Bald YourselfShe definitely meant to rip out all that hair.