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  1. deflation fetish
    A Brief Chat With Jan Hakon Erichsen, the Twitter Balloon GuyKnives, balloons, and plywood make a surreal and absurd viral video.
  2. important questions
    Was the Pizza Rat Video Staged?What is real?
  3. Viral ‘Fake Blind Man’ Prank Revealed As a FraudOh, wow, something viral was a hoax.
  4. The Video of the Amnesia Guy With the Hot Wife Seems RealHere’s why. 
  5. viral videos
    Do Watch This Slapstick Twerking-Fail VideoIt ends in fire.
  6. the internet
    Mets Game Water-Bottle Guy Speaks: ‘I’m Not a Meathead!’The big bro who couldn’t open a bottle comes clean.
  7. fallen folk heroes
    Viral-Video Hero Flees Murder ChargeWanted in New Jersey.
  8. terrorists of the sky
    The Viral Video of an Eagle Grabbing a Canadian Baby Is a HoaxIt was an art project.
  9. stand clear of the closing doors
    Here’s a Video of Someone Getting Beat Up on the SubwayWhat? You’re tired of these?
  10. televised freakouts
    Phil ‘Emotional Immodulation Disorder’ Davison Never Heard of This ‘YouTube’“I’m not very good with electronics.”
  11. advertising
    Why Make Expensive Ads When You Can Have a Shirtless Man Talk to Your Customers?How Old Spice created their marathon of Internet ads.
  12. awesome things
    The New Annoying Wedding Trend: Save-the-Date VideosA couple has created a literally epic wedding announcement.
  13. awesome things
    Minnesota Couple Gets Married, FamousWhy? Because their wedding video is the best thing ever.
  14. snuff films
    Here’s a Video of a Cat Inside a Washing MachineInhumane? Or hilarious?