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    Fortnite Has Become the Instagram of Video GamesSince last September, the last-man-standing battle royale has been played by more than 125 million people.
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    Here’s the Viral Video of a Small Child That Everyone’s Talking AboutPeople can’t stop posting this video!
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    New Yorkers Use Hand Sanitizer to Remove Subway Swastika VandalismRiders on the subway joined forces to remove anti-Semitic vandalism they reportedly found on a 1 train over the weekend.
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    A 15-Year-Old Created a Dance Craze That’s Taken Over the Teenager InternetHow Zay Hilfiger’s catchy dance tune became a viral hit.
  5. This 200-Watt Laser Could Burn Your Eyeballs Out, So Maybe Don’t Try to Make OneIt’s just so damn bright.
  6. Here’s What Should Have Gone Viral in 2015RIP in peace, MyIdol.
  7. Five Microinterviews With Microviral TweetersWhat happens when you accidentally make a joke thousands of people like?
  8. Cat Gets Stung in the Nose by Bee, Becomes Japanese Internet SensationThis poor cat’s fame grew as quickly as its nose.
  9. Activist Blows Up at Pundit on Local Fox ShowThe local-news racial-politics fight everyone can share!
  10. Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Went ViralThe anatomy of a perfect social-media phenomenon. 
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    Why Kony 2012 Went ViralThe advocacy video sweeping the Internet had a very specific game plan.
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    A Foolproof Guide to Going ViralTarget audience: bored office workers.