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Virginia Governor’s Race

  1. 2021 elections
    Virginia GOP’s Gubernatorial Contest Is a Trumpian MessAn “unassembled” convention has spurred threats of a lawsuit from MAGA candidate Amanda Chase, who could also doom the whole ticket.
  2. Ed Gillespie Is Sad He Was Forced to Run Racist Ads in Virginia Governor’s RacePoor Ed Gillespie. He wanted to run on his economic-development plans, but they “didn’t move numbers.”
  3. Why Northam’s Win in Virginia Was So ImpressiveHe didn’t just eke out a victory, he improved on Clinton’s numbers in the state — and that’s very promising for Democrats.
  4. the national interest
    The Anti-Trump Wave Has Come, and Republicans Can’t Stop ItEven as Democrats win big in Virginia, the GOP remains dead set on self-destruction.
  5. What’s Up With Those Wild Polls in Virginia?Non-presidential polling is always tougher.
  6. It’s All About Turnout: Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Rev Up Their BasesIn a contest with huge implications for 2018, it’s coming down the stretch to a battle of turnout operations.
  7. 4 Overlooked Stories to Watch on Election TuesdayBeyond the Virginia governor’s race.
  8. Northam Now Saying He’d Ban Sanctuary Cities — If There Were Any in VirginiaOne of Ed Gillespie’s attack lines accuses his opponent of favoring sanctuary cities. It seems to have drawn blood.