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Virginia House Of Delegates

  1. Republican Wins Dramatic Virginia House Race After Random DrawingThe GOP now holds a slim 51–49 majority in the statehouse.
  2. Random Drawing for Virginia House Race Delayed After Court ChallengeThe wildest election of the year gets a little wilder.
  3. A Timeline of the Wildest and Most Suspenseful Election of 2017The delegate in Virginia’s 94th district will be decided by a random drawing, and that’s hardly the weirdest part.
  4. Virginia Democrat Wins Crucial Race by a Single VoteRemember this the next time you consider writing in Oprah.
  5. 4 Overlooked Stories to Watch on Election TuesdayBeyond the Virginia governor’s race.
  6. Transgender Candidate Challenges Virginia’s ‘Minister of Private Parts’in a big legislative race in Virginia, a leading cultural conservative who sponsored an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” is facing a trans opponent.