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  1. feline puppies!!
    Ain’t No Rule That Says a Cat Can’t Run for Senate!Okay there probably is. But one is running anyway!
  2. Newt Fails to Make Virginia Ballot [Updated]He couldn’t come up with 10,000 signatures.
  3. early and awkward
    Virginia GOP Group Regrets Shooting Obama Through the HeadZombie Obama, that is.
  4. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Two ‘Dictionary-Sized’ Marble Chunks Removed From Washington MonumentDislodged during last month’s earthquake.
  5. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Yes, That Was Just an Earthquake You Felt [Updated]Whoa.
  6. early and awkward
    Democrats Clearly Trying to Get George Allen to Say Another Racial SlurHis new tracker, like his old tracker, is not white.
  7. the gods must be crazy
    If Jesus Had Been on Trial in Virginia, Would He Have Gotten the Death Penalty?Considering Virginia is second only to Texas in the number of executions …
  8. weather
    This Weekend’s Tornado Outbreak Was One of the Largest in HistoryDeath toll rises to 45.
  9. early and often
    Senator Jim Webb Is RetiringAfter only one term, he’s returning to the private sector.
  10. early and often
    George Allen to Test Whether It Is More Effective to Run for Senate Without Using Racial SlursHe’s set to announce a rematch against Jim Webb in Virginia.
  11. early and awkward
    At Least One Candidate for Congress Has Fellated a Reindeer Dildo NoseMeet Krystal Ball, Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia.
  12. teresa lewis
    Virginia Executes First Woman in State in 100 YearsFirst woman put to death in U.S. in five years.
  13. crossing over
    Virginia Allows For Checks Of Immigrant StatusNot as stringent as Arizona’s proposed law.
  14. the post-racial world
    Haley Barbour Defends Virginia’s Confederate History Month ProclamationIt “doesn’t amount to diddly,” Barbour said.
  15. the post-racial world
    Virginia Governor Admits That Slavery and Civil War Are RelatedThe proclamation declaring April “Confederate History Month” will now contain a passage acknowledging slavery.
  16. the post-racial world
    Virginia Governor Pretends Civil War Had Nothing to Do With SlaveryHe issues a Confederate History Month proclamation that never once mentions slavery.
  17. miss america
    New Miss America Targets Indoor KidsWinner recalls days “playing in the street.”
  18. early and often
    Lukewarm Reactions to Favored Obama Veep CandidateVeepstakes speculation is hot again, and the name on everybody’s lips is Virginia governor Tim Kaine.
  19. in other news
    Vito Fossella Adds ‘Mystery Woman’ to His List of ProblemsThe New York congressman called a blonde female friend the night of his drunk-driving arrest last week instead of a family member or nearby co-worker, raising eyebrows.
  20. the morning line
    Mike, Trumps, Rudy • No particular surprise here, but it’s still pleasant to report: Despite not actually running, Bloomberg handily topped Giuliani in a Daily News presidential poll. Some 46 percent of New Yorkers pick Mike over Rudy, who gets 29 percent. [NYDN] • Not fans of Bloomberg: the Virginia Citizens Defense League. It’s planning to hold a gun giveaway — in a government building — to raise money for two dealers sued by Bloomie. [WNBC] • New York may start collecting DNA from just about all convicts in all crimes: Eliot Spitzer’s proposing mandatory sampling of all prisoners, parolees, registered sex offenders, and future cons. The program’s also supposed to make exonerating the wrongly jailed a snap. [NYT] • The Post trumpets the “return of the Mafia.” An exclusive story claims that Sicilian mobsters are making a major comeback across the organized-crime landscape, especially with the Gambino brothers out of jail. About 28 Godfather references follow. [NYP] • And, more Trumps! Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa had a baby girl over the weekend, Kai “It’s Danish” Madison Trump; the Donald, who may not even be done siring his own progeny, thus becomes a grandfather. That is all. [amNY]
  21. the morning line
    No Good News • It pales in comparison to Virginia, but it shouldn’t: A disturbed Queens man killed his mother and two others before killing himself. The mother is said to have called the police seven times seeking protection, the last time minutes before her death. [NYDN] • The Virginia Tech gunman addressed his manifesto to “30 Rockefeller Avenue, NY, NY 10102” — and it still made it to NBC: the one package that would probably be better off lost. [NYT] • Oh, great, look who’s coming to Manhattan: JCPenney. The company will open a 150,000-square-foot store in the midtown. A Lower East Side branch is surely to follow by, oh, 2012. [CNN Money] • The Times produces a think piece on the New Jersey Governors Who Speed, interviewing a Christie Whitman staffer and Thomas Kean. The consensus is that speeding is “just part of the culture.” [NYT] • And the final bummer on a wretched morning: The Gowanus whale is dead. Surprisingly, not from poisoning; the poor thing struck a “rocky ridge.” We suspect suicide. [NYP]