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  1. Random Drawing for Virginia House Race Delayed After Court ChallengeThe wildest election of the year gets a little wilder.
  2. A Timeline of the Wildest and Most Suspenseful Election of 2017The delegate in Virginia’s 94th district will be decided by a random drawing, and that’s hardly the weirdest part.
  3. The GOP’s Biggest Problem Is Not Its Candidates, But Its PresidentTrump can’t accept that he is damaging his party down-ballot. And that could send his party off in search of illusory “fixes.”
  4. Clerical Error Puts Virginia’s House of Delegates in LimboRepublicans could still lose control or be forced into a power-sharing agreement.
  5. The Democrats Really Can Win the House in 2018There’s a long way to go, but Trump’s approval ratings, the generic ballot, and the 2017 results all point to huge blue gains.
  6. Democrats Gain State Government ‘Trifectas’ in New Jersey and WashingtonIn what could be an appetizer for 2018, Democrats began chipping away at GOP dominance of state governments.
  7. One Year After Trump’s Victory, the Democrats Aren’t in DisarrayThe first 12 months of the Trump presidency have been better for Democrats than most would have ever imagined.
  8. There’s a Lot at Stake in the VA Governor’s Race — and Democrats Are WorriedPolls are now very tight in a nasty culture-war campaign. If Republican Ed Gillespie wins, look out in 2018.
  9. Race-Baiting 2017 GOP Campaigns Could Infect the 2018 ElectionsThe racist campaigns the GOP is running in Virginia and New Jersey could spread everywhere next year.
  10. Will the Obama Coalition Turn Out in 2018? Virginia Might Offer Some CluesNon-presidential election falloff in the base is a long-standing problem for Democrats that they haven’t clearly solved.
  11. Virginia Democrats Spooked by Fears of a Falloff in TurnoutVirginia Democrats are haunted by Trump’s 2016 win. But they’re also bugged by the turnout falloff that nearly beat them in 2013 and 2014.
  12. New Polls Show Crazy End to 2017 Elections Is PossibleThe GOP is threatening to win in newly blue Virginia, while a Democrat is doing well in deep-red Alabama. Clear lessons from 2017 may be hard to find.
  13. Democrats Panicking Over Virginia Show Signs of Post-Trump Stress DisorderEvery indicator shows Northam poised to win the Virginia governor’s race. But so did the indicators for Hillary Clinton, which has Democrats spooked.
  14. Trump Tweets His Way Into the Virginia Governor’s RaceThe same day a new poll shows the Democratic candidate taking a big lead.
  15. The Democrats’ Losing Streak Will Likely End in NovemberThe party needs a win in a nationally significant and competitive contest. There is still hope this year.
  16. Trump Ultra Corey Stewart Throws Scare Into Conventional Republicans EverywhereWhat Dave Brat did for Tea Party insurgents in 2014, Corey Stewart may have done for Trump fans going into 2018: create a deep fear of primaries.
  17. Northam Beats Perriello in Virginia Democratic PrimaryThe Virginia Democratic Establishment candidate for governor won on the strength of a solid performance among African-Americans and key swing regions.
  18. Terry McAuliffe Is Thinking of Running for PresidentReally?
  19. Tomorrow’s Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Too Close to CallKeep an eye on what African-American voters and D.C. suburbanites do.
  20. The Democratic Primary in the Virginia Governor Race Is Getting Very InterestingThe winner will be general-election favorite. Some observers see a distinct Bernie versus Hillary flavor to it.
  21. Failing GOP Candidate in VA Shows Limits to Attacks on ‘Political Correctness’Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Corey Stewart seems to have gone too far by running on the Confederacy.
  22. Virginia Governor’s Race Is Good Test for Post-Trump Election StrategyIt’s early yet, and both parties have gubernatorial primaries, but Virginia’s likely to join New Jersey in showing an anti-Trump off-year backlash.
  23. Will Virginia Democrats Make the Gubernatorial Race a Referendum on Trump?One candidate is focusing on state issues while the other is linking his campaign to anti-Trump protests.
  24. Awarding Electoral Votes by Congress District Becoming Big Temptation for GOPSo long as Republicans have an advantage in House districts, they will be thinking about building that right into the system for electing presidents.
  25. Louisiana Runoff Begins the Post-Trump-Earthquake Political CalendarBeginning with a Senate runoff in Louisiana and then off-year state elections in 2017, we will soon see if there is any backlash to Trump’s election.
  26. Report: The Trump Campaign Gives Up on VirginiaAttention will be turned to four battleground states.
  27. Virginia Governor Grants 13,000 Felons Voting RightsAfter the state supreme court blocked his executive order to re-enfranchise 200,000 people.
  28. transgender rights
    Court Won’t Change Virginia Transgender RulingThe ruling was the first to find transgender students are protected under Title IX.
  29. Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights for More Than 200,000 Ex-FelonsGovernor Terry McAuliffe described his executive order as an effort to undo the legacy of Jim Crow. Republicans call it “political opportunism.”
  30. awful things
    Virginia State Trooper Shot and Killed at Richmond Greyhound StationThe gunman was also killed.
  31. Virginia Votes for Electric Chair As Last ResortGoing medieval to clear the backlog. 
  32. Calligraphy Crisis Closes Virginia SchoolsSome parents interpreted the lesson as an attempt to indoctrinate their children into Islam.
  33. Virginia Mayor Praises Japanese InternmentHe approvingly cites Roosevelt’s policy of Japanese internment.
  34. today in police reports
    FBI: Two Virginia Men Planned to Incite a ‘Race War’ by Bombing Black ChurchesThe men shared an esoteric religion that combines aspects of Norse mythology with white-supremacist “race science.”
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Corrupt Former Virginia Governor Gets Two Years in PrisonHis lawyers argued that the spectacle of his trial was punishment enough.
  36. terroble
    Probably Fake ISIS Propaganda Is Everything Rick Perry Warned Us About“We are here from Mexico and came by train,” it reads.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Super-Sad Couple Shtick Fails Miserably for Bob McDonnell and Scapegoat WifeBoth were convicted on a combined 20 counts of corruption today.
  38. equal rites
    It’s Almost Gay Marriage Time in VirginiaUnless the Supreme Court steps in.
  39. crimes and misdemeanors
    Police Back Off of Photographing Sexting TeenAfter a wave of justified outrage.
  40. early and often
    Post-Cantor: Who Is David Brat? Jack Trammell?All of a sudden it’s a race in Virginia.
  41. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Gave Ex-Virginia Governor a Little Something for His Legal Defense$10,000.
  42. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Gay Marriage BanThough the weddings can’t start just yet.
  43. party!
    Terry McAuliffe Wants to Buy Everyone in Government a DrinkHe throws the best parties.
  44. equal rites
    Virginia Attorney General Supports Gay MarriageA change of course.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ex–Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Charged With Really Loving the Good LifeHe and his wife are accused of accepting a lot of gifts from a donor.
  46. severely conservative
    Questionable Theories From Va.’s GOP CandidateE.W. Jackson compares Planned Parenthood with the KKK, and other gems.
  47. election 2012
    President Obama’s Reelection Campaign Is Now Officially UnderwayThe kickoff took place at Ohio State. 
  48. breaking
    Navy F-18 Jet Crashes Into Virginia ApartmentsTwo pilots ejected safely, but civilians are not yet accounted for.
  49. feline puppies!!
    Ain’t No Rule That Says a Cat Can’t Run for Senate!Okay there probably is. But one is running anyway!
  50. Newt Fails to Make Virginia Ballot [Updated]He couldn’t come up with 10,000 signatures.
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