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Virtual Reality

  1. vision pro
    People Are Doing Some Interesting Things With the Apple Vision ProYeah, the future is going to be weird.
  2. screen time
    Are Apple’s New Goggles a Nightmare? Maybe.The Vision Pro — think of it as a face computer — is surreal, fascinating, unsettling, and $3,500.
  3. life in pixels
    Who Is Still Inside the Metaverse?Searching for friends in Mark Zuckerberg’s deserted fantasyland.
  4. ideas
    How Fantasy Triumphed Over Reality in American PoliticsThat doesn’t mean that the nation is on the verge of collapse, or even in decline. A new phase of history might be just beginning.
  5. virtual reality
    The Oculus Quest Is the Nintendo Switch of VRThe Quest does pretty much everything a higher-end model does, without the hassle of wires and setup.
  6. post reality
    Virtual Reality Lets You Escape the World. Augmented Reality Improves It.Five years ago, virtual reality was the future, and augmented reality was a joke. What happened?
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    The Magic Leap, the World’s Most-Hyped Gadget, Makes Its Underwhelming DebutThe Magic Leap is here, I guess.
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    There Are Two Forward Paths to Virtual Reality; Both Make You Look Like a DorkVR may become mainstream not by hitting a sweet spot between ease of use and technical powerhouse, but, more likely, by being one or the other.
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    Virtual Reality Food Is Here — and Instagram ReadyTired of waiting in line for the perfect decadent thing to post on Instagram? Virtual reality food means you don’t even have to buy it!
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    ‘Human Uber’ Is a Guy With an iPad Strapped to His FaceLarry Middleman is real now.
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    Facebook Spaces: Social Virtual Reality That Weirdly WorksA rough but compelling glimpse of what social interaction might look like in virtual reality.
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    The Best VR Experience Out Right Now Might Be at Your Local MultiplexWhy the future of VR may be at the movies.
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    HoloLens Was Just the Beginning. Microsoft Wants to Own AR and VR.Working with Acer, Microsoft is putting out what will be the most affordable full-featured VR headset this holiday season.
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    Nobody Wants to Even Try Out the Oculus RiftBest Buy’s in-store Oculus Rift demo stations are being shut down at hundreds of stores, after days would pass without anyone using them.
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    Are Apple and Zeiss Working on Augmented-Reality Glasses?One tech blogger claims that Apple and the high-end German optics company will release a pair of AR glasses — this year.
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    Google’s Daydream View Is Now the Best Mobile VR HeadsetGoogle hardware has another winner.
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    Here’s Everything You Missed at Facebook’s Big VR EventPalmer Luckey was not there, which was probably a good thing for Oculus.
  18. Sony’s PlayStation VR Is Going to Be Big. But Can It Go Mainstream?Sony has a hit on its hands with its new virtual-reality headset — but can it broaden virtual reality’s appeal to non-gamers?
  19. You Probably Aren’t a Rock Star in Real Life, But You Can Be One in VRNo guitar lessons required.
  20. Google Created a Paintbrush That Allows You to Suck at Painting in 3-DYou won’t be the next Picasso, but you’ll probably have fun.
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    I Watched the Olympics in VR and All I Got Was This HeadacheTechnical foul.
  22. Roller Coasters Just Got Even More Fun, Thanks to VRBattle aliens while also riding a roller coaster, because it’s 2016.
  23. This Virtual-Reality School Bus Transports Kids to the Surface of MarsCan we come too?
  24. Is This the Future of VR Film?A trip to Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes program.
  25. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest World-Domination PlansThe bots are coming.
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    Yes, I Would Play This VR Cat-Petting Simulator If It Actually ExistedWhen will the world let me pet cats from the safety of my Oculus Rift?
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    Zuckerberg Offers Jaunty Preview of Horrific Techno-FutureStrap in and log on.