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Vision Zero

  1. safer streets
    Grim New Numbers: Traffic Deaths Highest Since 2007Speeding, mostly, seems to be the cause.
  2. protecting people
    How New York City Could Have Protected Those Cyclists and PedestriansWe can’t crazy-proof everything, but the city could do a far more thorough job of safeguarding against vehicle attacks.
  3. New York City Recorded Its Lowest Number of Traffic Fatalities in 2016A small dip from 2015, but the third-straight yearly decline under Vision Zero.
  4. Queens Judge Throws Wrench Into Vision Zero LawA judge rules that New York City’s “Right of Way” law is unconstitutional.
  5. A New Jersey Lawmaker Wants to Fine People for Texting While Crossing the StreetIt would be treated as jaywalking. 
  6. Whose Fault Is the Enormous Pile of Slush at the Curb?Nobody has jurisdiction here.
  7. the streets
    Pedestrian Deaths Hit All-Time Low in NYCThe lowest number of deaths in more than a century.
  8. tragedies
    8 Stories of NYC Traffic VictimsVictims’ families aren’t convinced de Blasio’s new plan will go far enough.
  9. Davidson: Are the City’s New Pedestrian-Safety Measures Strong Enough?“Reckless and distracted driving must become a new taboo.”