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  1. politics
    Yevgeny Prigozhin Has Met a Predictable EndA plane carrying the Wagner Group leader has been downed near Moscow, killing everyone aboard.
  2. aviation
    The Very Russian Politics of Prigozhin’s Plan CrashThe apparent downing of Prigozhin’s plane shows what Putin thinks about aviation safety.
  3. just asking questions
    Why This May Be the Beginning of the End for PutinRussia scholar Aaron Schwartzbaum on the dramatic fallout from an aborted mutiny.
  4. liveblog
    Putin Says Wagner Will Be ‘Brought to Justice’: UpdatesIn his first public statement since the insurrection, Putin dismissed the plot as an “outside” threat in an attempt to shore up domestic support.
  5. just asking questions
    Who’s Behind the Drone Attacks Inside Russia?Dr. Stephen Hall on how the war has come home to Moscow.
  6. foreign interests
    Will the Ukraine War Become a ‘Frozen Conflict’?The outcome the Biden administration is preparing for is far from ideal.
  7. foreign interests
    Indicted War Criminal Putin Takes In the Sights at Ukrainian City He RuinedPutin showed up in the still-devastated city of Mariupol, where he took a drive and chatted with some locals who weren’t killed in Russia’s siege.
  8. foreign interests
    America Must Plan for a Stalemate in UkraineThe odds of a total Ukrainian victory look increasingly slim.
  9. just asking questions
    Why Can’t Russia Figure Out How to Win?Military analyst Michael Kofman on the state of the war in Ukraine after one year.
  10. the test of time
    The Last Weekend in New York EverSixty years ago, a young reporter covering the Cuban Missile Crisis glimpsed Armageddon.
  11. ukraine war
    U.S. Officials Are Increasingly Anxious About Russia’s NukesAccording to the Times, one anonymous official said there were “new, troubling developments” involving the country’s arsenal.
  12. the national interest
    Illiberal Chic Deserves to Die on the Battlefield of Putin’s Failed WarBeing authoritarian doesn’t make your country strong or smart.
  13. tremendous content
    Elon Musk Tries to End the War in Ukraine by PostingThe serial entrepreneur tries on diplomacy with a Twitter poll.
  14. war in ukraine
    Russia Doesn’t Exactly Know What Territory It Stole From UkraineThe Kremlin is still figuring out the borders of its newly annexed territory in eastern Ukraine, where Russian soldiers are getting pummeled.
  15. foreign interests
    Putin Decries U.S. ‘Satanism’ in Bizarre Speech Annexing Parts of UkraineHis speech celebrating an illegal annexation in Ukraine turned into an anti-trans rant in which he blamed the West for blowing up Nord Stream.
  16. just asking questions
    What Would a Ukraine Victory Look Like?Speaking with Professor Nikolas Gvosdev about the new shape of the war, and whether a desperate Putin is more dangerous.
  17. just asking questions
    How Europe Stumbled Into an Energy CatastropheThe commodities specialist and popular Twitter commentator known as Doomberg believes the continent’s leaders have epically mishandled Putin.
  18. elon musk
    Elon Musk Was Worried About ‘World War III’ for Twitter DealTwitter unearths a Musk text about Vladimir Putin in a court hearing that was trying to keep the billionaire at bay.
  19. just asking questions
    Ukraine Is at Its ‘Most Dangerous Point’ of the WarMichael Kofman on Russia’s momentum, how long Putin can weather sanctions, and the trouble with battlefield predictions.
  20. the economy
    Thanks, Putin: Gas Prices Hit Another RecordRussia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to make a bad problem worse.
  21. ukraine invasion
    You Won’t Be Able to Get a Big Mac in Moscow Ever AgainMcDonald’s is pulling out of Russia entirely as Putin’s invasion of Ukraine drags on — ending an era that began with promise.
  22. foreign interests
    What Is Putin Planning for May 9?The autocrat may declare victory over Ukraine — or expand the scope of his disastrous war.
  23. ukraine war
    Mariupol Theater Death Toll Likely Much Worse Than ReportedAn investigation found that about 600 people were killed in the March attack, which remains Russia’s deadliest strike on civilians in Ukraine.
  24. ukraine invasion
    This May Be Russia’s Most Embarrassing Loss YetThe battleship that menaced Snake Island sunk on Thursday. A day later, the Pentagon confirmed that it had been struck by Ukrainian missiles.
  25. the national interest
    If Trump Was Still President, Ukraine Would Be So Screwed Right NowTrump gives the game away on Hannity.
  26. the national interest
    Trump, Putin, and the Paradox of PropagandaWhen you set out to brainwash others, you end up brainwashing yourself.
  27. the money game
    Are the Sanctions Against Russia Working or Not?Russia has been able to defend against the West’s efforts to derail its economy, but longer term damage still looms.
  28. just asking questions
    ‘Russia Is Completely Depoliticized’A sociologist from Moscow explains how the nation learned to deny reality, in Ukraine and at home.
  29. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Is Shifting, Not EndingThe withdrawal of Russian forces from around Kyiv has provided both respite and new horrors. Now the fighting will intensify elsewhere.
  30. the national interest
    Donald Trump Asks Vladimir Putin to Smear Joe Biden AgainFive takeaways from his latest “Russia, if you’re listening” request.
  31. foreign interests
    Did Biden’s Gaffe About Putin Contain a Kernel of Truth?The president insists he isn’t pushing for regime change in Russia. But it’s not clear what endgame he is aiming for.
  32. ukraine
    Oligarch Roman Abramovich Believes He Was Poisoned by Russia: ReportsAs he attempted to broker a Russia-Ukraine peace deal, the billionaire, and other negotiators, suffered mysterious physical symptoms.
  33. foreign policy
    Biden Says Putin ‘Cannot Remain in Power’The White House quickly tried to walk back the comment, insisting the president wasn’t talking about regime change.
  34. politics
    Free-Speech Lover Putin Laments Cancellation of J.K. RowlingOn Friday, the Russian president sounded more like an aggrieved Substack writer than a fearsome autocrat.
  35. russia
    Embattled Kremlin Extends Imprisonment of Its Most Prominent CriticAmid Putin’s crackdown on dissent, opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to an additional nine years in prison.
  36. ukraine
    Putin Retaliates by Blocking Biden Family Vacations to MoscowRussia announced toothless sanctions against President Biden, his son, and others on Tuesday.
  37. ukraine
    Facebook Is Now Allowing Itself to Be WeaponizedMeta’s decision to explicitly allow violent rhetoric against Russian soldiers and Vladimir Putin raises some very uncomfortable questions.
  38. foreign interests
    Ukraine Is a War Without EndgameNo side in the conflict seems to have any idea how to avert disaster, be that the ruin of Ukraine, a global recession, or nuclear war.
  39. ukraine invasion
    Biden Warns Putin Will Pay ‘Severe Price’ for Using Chemical WeaponsThe administration has said that misinformation about a Ukraine bioweapons program could be used as pretext for an attack.
  40. that happened
    The Time Biden (Supposedly) Told Putin He Didn’t Have a SoulIt’s possible the president slightly embellished this story.
  41. foreign interests
    When Metallica Took MoscowIn 1991, a massive heavy-metal concert seemed to usher in a new era.
  42. russia
    Inside the Hunt for Russian Oligarchs’ Luxury ApartmentsPresident Biden has vowed to seize the condos, yachts, and private jets of Russia’s wealthiest magnates — but first, he has to find them.
  43. ukraine
    How the Letter Z Became a Pro-War Symbol in RussiaExamining the meme that has been taken up by pro-war supporters in the former Soviet bloc.
  44. the national interest
    How Trump and Putin Have Been Allies Against UkraineIn addition to sharing Putin’s loathing of Ukraine, Trump has long supported delegitimizing the now besieged country.
  45. foreign interests
    Russia Is the Ally the World Needs Against PutinA nonviolent end to Putin’s rule would pave the path to peace, but is that even possible?
  46. politics
    Trump Jokes About Starting a War Between Russia and ChinaThe former president told an audience of GOP donors that the U.S. should paint Chinese flags on American warplanes and bomb Russia.
  47. vladimir putin
    Putin’s War Looks Increasingly InsaneThe Russian leader refuses to modify his goals, even as the costs mount.
  48. just asking questions
    Was Ted Cruz Right About Russia?He spent years fighting Putin’s prized pipeline, which Biden allowed to go forward until the war.
  49. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Looks Unwinnable (for Everyone)Putin is poised to lose his war of aggression. So is the rest of the world.
  50. games
    Putin and Russia Have Fast Become Sports-World PariahsSports federations, teams, and even Russian athletes are speaking out and in many cases severing all ties.
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