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  1. foreign interests
    Russia Is the Ally the World Needs Against PutinA nonviolent end to Putin’s rule would pave the path to peace, but is that even possible?
  2. politics
    Trump Jokes About Starting a War Between Russia and ChinaThe former president told an audience of GOP donors that the U.S. should paint Chinese flags on American warplanes and bomb Russia.
  3. vladimir putin
    Putin’s War Looks Increasingly InsaneThe Russian leader refuses to modify his goals, even as the costs mount.
  4. just asking questions
    Was Ted Cruz Right About Russia?He spent years fighting Putin’s prized pipeline, which Biden allowed to go forward until the war.
  5. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Looks Unwinnable (for Everyone)Putin is poised to lose his war of aggression. So is the rest of the world.
  6. games
    Putin and Russia Have Fast Become Sports-World PariahsSports federations, teams, and even Russian athletes are speaking out and in many cases severing all ties.
  7. ukraine invasion
    Could Putin Go Nuclear in Russia’s War With Ukraine?Putin’s brinkmanship is a reminder that we are only one accident, miscommunication, or powerful psychopath away from nuclear war.
  8. russia
    It’s Probably Too Late for the Oligarchs to Stop PutinThe problem with the West’s squeeze of Russia’s richest men.
  9. politics
    Trump Wants Us to Remember He Saved NATO and UkraineAnd forget a lot of actual facts.
  10. politics
    Did Putin Accidentally Reboot Biden’s Presidency?In his handling of the Ukraine crisis and how he frames it in his State of the Union address, Biden has a chance for a rebirth in popularity.
  11. foreign interests
    Russia’s War of Self-DestructionFrom Ukraine’s fierce resistance to the unified global backlash, Putin’s adventure is blowing up in his face.
  12. ukraine invasion
    Can Volodymyr Zelensky Save Ukraine?Why the country’s wartime president is still pushing for peace.
  13. politics
    Trump and CPAC Had a Different War on Their MindsUkraine was mostly a side note at the annual conservative conference, where speakers were mainly vying to be America’s top culture warriors.
  14. the money game
    The Seize of MoscowHow far can Joe Biden push economic sanctions?
  15. ukraine invasion
    Putin Gets Hit in the WalletPresident Biden’s decison to personally sanction him comes hours after the European Union made a similar call.
  16. ukraine
    Defiant Zelensky Tells Leaders They May Not See Him Alive AgainUkraine’s president is staying put in Kyiv as Russian troops advance on the city.
  17. the inside game
    Biden’s Theory of EscalationThe president doesn’t want a war, but he’s been eager to show Putin what he’s made of.
  18. ukraine
    Video: The Harrowing First Day of Russia’s Invasion of UkraineFootage poured in from all corners of a country under siege.
  19. russia
    Weapons of Financial DestructionRussia’s preparations make it a hard target for Biden’s sanctions.
  20. foreign interests
    Is Putin Choosing War in Ukraine?The Russian president has ordered troops over the border, but there’s still a chance to avoid a disastrous full-scale invasion.
  21. ukraine
    Biden Levels Sanctions on Russia for ‘Beginning’ Ukraine InvasionThe president blocked all actions of two massive Russian banks as part of a “first tranche” of sanctions against Putin over his moves into Ukraine.
  22. ukraine
    Is Vladimir Putin Sane?The Russian leader, now on the brink of starting a war, has reportedly undergone some dramatic personality changes during his pandemic isolation.
  23. international affairs
    Ukrainian Leader Makes Confusing Joke About Russian InvasionThis is what happens when you elect a comic to the presidency.
  24. politics
    Biden’s Marathon Press Conference Didn’t Quite Go As PlannedThe president’s aim was to get back on message, but he may have stirred new trouble with his remarks on Russia and Ukraine.
  25. foreign interests
    Is Another Russian Invasion of Ukraine Inevitable?Diplomacy could still prevent the crisis from spiraling into war, but the window of opportunity is closing.
  26. politics
    Biden and Putin Played Nice TodayThe two leaders met following recent Russian meddling in American elections and U.S. condemnations of the Kremlin’s crackdowns.
  27. aviation
    Why Belarus Grounding of Ryanair Flight Broke International LawThe country’s dictator tears a page from Vladimir Putin’s playbook to snatch a dissident.
  28. solarwinds
    U.S. Sanctions Russia Over SolarWinds HackFor the first time, the Biden administration named a specific suspect it deems responsible for the breach.
  29. the national interest
    Trump’s Lackeys Are Teaming Up Again With Putin to Mock BidenMoscow and Mar-a-Lago are angry Biden called Putin a “killer.”
  30. the national interest
    An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does It Matter?Revisiting the Trump-Russia mystery in light of the newest revelation.
  31. the national interest
    Trump Won’t Denounce Russian Hack Because He’s Still Subservient to PutinTrump’s only comment on Russia this week is to denounce the “Russia hoax.”
  32. the national interest
    Trump, Orbán, and Putin Are Forming an Authoritarian AllianceWhen you’re a tsar, they let you do it.
  33. politics
    The Case for ConsequencesFor the Republic to survive Trump’s presidency, he must be tried for his crimes. Even if that sparks a constitutional crisis of its own.
  34. coronavirus vaccine
    Russia Says Coronavirus Vaccine Is Ready, Thorough Clinical Trials Be DamnedIf it’s good enough for Putin’s daughter, maybe it’s good enough for you.
  35. international affairs
    Trump Admits He’s Never Talked to Putin About Bounties for Killing U.S. TroopsHe also excused Russia for allegedly supplying weapons to the Taliban, saying, “We did that, too.”
  36. strongmen
    Putin Graciously Backs Plan Allowing Him Another 12 Years in PowerThe Russian president backed changes to the country’s constitution that could see him remain in office until 2036.
  37. ukraine scandal
    Trump Won’t Say Whether Putin Swayed His View on Ukraine Interference in 2016Trump deflected and moved on to another topic when asked if Putin influenced his thinking on nonexistent Ukrainian interference in U.S. elections.
  38. the national interest
    Trump Believed Ukraine Conspiracy Because ‘Putin Told Me’Meanwhile, Trump is still listening to Ukraine theories from Russian-financed crooks.
  39. the national interest
    Vladimir Putin, Director of Influential Pro-Trump Super-PAC, Endorses ReelectionAn important but unsurprising statement by a key Trump supporter.
  40. ukraine scandal
    Trump Attitude Toward Ukraine Influenced by Putin and Orbán: ReportTrump’s early opinion of Ukraine’s President Zelensky was reportedly influenced by negative recommendations from the two autocrats.
  41. the national interest
    U.S. Intelligence Had to Pull Spy From Russia Because Trump Is a Security RiskIt’s kind of bad when the president is suspected of outing your own spy.
  42. the national interest
    Trump Went to the Mat for Putin at the G-7 Summit“The consequence is the same as if one of the participants is a dictator,” a source reported of a G-7 meeting.
  43. russia
    It Appears Russia Is Covering Up a Nuclear Accident AgainReports of high radiation after a nuclear blast in the apparent quest for a “doomsday weapon” are fueling speculation of a smaller, second Chernobyl.
  44. foreign interests
    Trump’s G20 Trip Was a Victory for DictatorsAt the summit, President Trump cemented his friendships with authoritarian leaders like Putin and Kim, while giving short shrift to democratic allies.
  45. russia
    Pentagon: U.S. Is Falling Behind Russia in Global InfluenceThe white paper doesn’t directly blame the president, but its conclusions might as well.
  46. the national interest
    Trump Thinks Putin’s Attack on ‘Western-Style Liberalism’ Was About CaliforniaOur authoritarian president hates liberalism but does not understand what it means.
  47. politics
    Rex Tillerson Is ‘Dumb As a Rock,’ Says the Guy Who Made Him Secretary of StateThe former secretary reportedly told Congress this week that Putin outmaneuvered Trump in their first meeting.
  48. austria
    Austrian Government Actually Sees Consequences for a Russia ScandalThe political crisis in Austria shows what happens when a party is willing to reckon with Russian interference, even if it ends up losing power.
  49. the national interest
    President Trump Opposes Trump Administration Foreign PolicyAppointing policymakers you disagree with because they look good on TV turns out to be a problematic strategy.
  50. donald trump
    Russia Claims Trump Reached Out to Putin for Lengthy Friday CallIn which foreign-policy expert Donald Trump takes the advice of traditional American ally Vladimir Putin on North Korea and Venezuela.
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