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    Will the Ukraine War Become a ‘Frozen Conflict’?The outcome the Biden administration is preparing for is far from ideal.
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    Why Can’t Russia Figure Out How to Win?Military analyst Michael Kofman on the state of the war in Ukraine after one year.
  3. foreign interests
    Biden Makes a Big Cameo in KyivThe president vowed during the historic semi-surprise visit that the U.S. would continue to stand behind the country.
  4. just asking questions
    What Would a Ukraine Victory Look Like?Speaking with Professor Nikolas Gvosdev about the new shape of the war, and whether a desperate Putin is more dangerous.
  5. just asking questions
    Ukraine Is at Its ‘Most Dangerous Point’ of the WarMichael Kofman on Russia’s momentum, how long Putin can weather sanctions, and the trouble with battlefield predictions.
  6. foreign interests
    Biden Says Zelenskyy ‘Didn’t Want to Hear’ Invasion WarningMeanwhile, Russia continues to make steady progress taking territory in eastern Ukraine, as Ukrainian forces run out of artillery shells.
  7. foreign interests
    What Is Putin Planning for May 9?The autocrat may declare victory over Ukraine — or expand the scope of his disastrous war.
  8. foreign interests
    Pelosi Leads House Delegation to Ukraine As War Slowly Grinds OnOne analysis has suggested that Russia’s newest main offensive has stalled.
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    Zelenskyy Invokes Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in Impassioned Speech to CongressAs he urged lawmakers to send more aid, the Ukrainian president cast his country’s battle against Russia as existential for the West.