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Vote A Rama

  1. politics
    Raising the Debt Ceiling Is Now a Slightly Less Nightmarish TaskThe parliamentarian says Democrats can lift the debt limit without derailing Biden’s agenda, no GOP votes required. But it’s still a tricky maneuver.
  2. politics
    Silly Season Arrives in Senate As Major Legislation AdvancesGet ready for “messaging amendments” and “vote-a-ramas” as pointless debate precedes passage of the infrastructure bill and the budget resolution.
  3. minimum wage increase
    There Was Some Late-Night Maneuvering on the Minimum WageJoni Ernst tried to set up a trap for moderate Democrats during the vote-a-rama. But Bernie Sanders outfoxed her and avoided a recorded vote.
  4. covid-19 stimulus
    ‘Vote-a-Rama’ Is the Price Democrats Must Pay to Avoid the FilibusterDozens of Republican amendments will get pro forma votes in a session that will stretch into the wee hours. It’s all mostly fake drama.
  5. Senate GOP Working Overnight to Pass Its Hastily Revised Tax BillIt was brought to the Senate floor in an unwieldy mess after long delays, but that won’t keep Republicans from passing this unpopular tax bill.
  6. Senate GOP Survives the First of Many Votes on the Road to Cutting TaxesThe hazier they keep their budget and tax plans, the farther down the road Republicans can maintain unity. But “enquiring minds” want to know more.
  7. Senate Democrats Call BS on the GOP’s Devious Health-Care DebateKnowing McConnell plans to unveil a new health-care bill at the 11th hour, Schumer won’t push amendments to legislation the GOP has already abandoned.
  8. A Look at the Procedural Madness of the Senate Health-Care DebateThe process is arcane; the outcome, unpredictable.
  9. ‘Skinny Repeal’ Could Be Final Effort to Sell Trumpcare — Whatever Trumpcare IsThe GOP figures out new ways to delay making painful decisions about health-care policy.
  10. Here Is Where Things Stand With the Senate Health-Care BillMcConnell doesn’t have the votes to pass any version of it. But, in theory, he does have an incredibly narrow path to success.
  11. While You Were Sleeping, Senators Took the First Step Toward Obamacare RepealParty unity generally held, but GOP senators were placed on record casting some politically dangerous votes.
  12. Senate Gets Ready for an All-Night ‘Vote-a-rama’ on ObamacareIn a quirk of the budget process, Democrats will get a chance to offer many, many amendments to the repeal blueprint.
  13. GOP Plans Wacky Wednesday to Keep Democrats, Media Off-BalanceWith six confirmation hearings, a Senate “vote-a-rama,” and a Trump presser on tap, everyone will be confused. As intended.
  14. Ryan Confirms the ‘Obamacare Repeal’ Bill Will Also Defund Planned ParenthoodWith congressional GOPers now broadening the scope of the budget bill that repeals Obamacare, Democrats can begin efforts to protect popular programs.
  15. The Democratic Plan to Fight Obamacare RepealThere’s no doubt the GOP will gut the health-care law. But Democrats can complicate the process and inflict some political damage.