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  1. early and often
    Rural Republicans Revolt Against School-Voucher PlansIn two big red states, liberals aren’t the only ones against starving public schools to subsidize parents who have already abandoned the system.
  2. 2020 elections
    Cory Booker Has a School Choice ProblemBooker’s past positions on vouchers and charter schools are out of line with Democratic orthodoxy. He can’t stay quiet about it much longer.
  3. Betsy DeVos May Be Hurting Her Cause of School PrivatizationTrump’s secretary of Education has become a rallying point for public-school defenders.
  4. trump transition
    Does Betsy DeVos Really Believe in Public Schools?The would-be secretary of Education is committed to eroding accountability for the use of taxpayers’ education funding.
  5. It’s Really Hard to Destroy Public Schools From WashingtonThe federal Department of Education doesn’t have the money or clout to force the kind of widespread school privatization Betsy DeVos likely wants.
  6. Trump Picks Wealthy Voucher Proponent to Head Education DepartmentBetsy DeVos is his gift to the Christian right.