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  1. unreal estate
    Cobble Hill Couple Showers in Full View of NeighborsThat’s what happens when your giant glass shower is visible from the back of your townhouse. 
  2. in other news
    New at Dunkin’ Donuts: The Bathroom PervThat’s right. And you thought it was bad when Rachael Ray started showing up…
  3. in other news
    Peter Vallone Jr. Is Coming for You, and for Jimmy StewartWhen Peter Vallone Jr. came for the graffiti artists, we did not speak up, because we are not graffiti artists. Now Peter Vallone Jr. is coming for the Peeping Toms, and we were not going to speak up, because we are not Peeping Toms. But then we read about the city councilman’s proposal in today’s Sun, and we got worried. You see, the crazed neo-Fascist wants to extend a state law banning nonconsensual peeping with cameras to also criminalize peeping with the naked eye. Which means, as we read it, and as the Sun seems to read it, too, that anyone looking out his window and into the apartment across the way — a venerable and beloved New York tradition, one dissected by Arianne Cohen in the magazine’s last Reasons to Love New York issue — would be violating the law. Soon, there’ll be no one left to speak up for us. Ban on Window Peeping Is Sought [NYS] Because We Like to Watch [NYM]