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  1. work
    The Little-Known Policy Wreaking Havoc on Workers’ LivesOpaque corporate “points” systems penalize employees for medical emergencies and make it all but impossible for them to appeal.
  2. the top line
    Prime Day Highlights Why October Is the New NovemberThis year, with consumers bored at home and retailers wanting to spread out the shopping crowds, Black Friday has crept forward.
  3. labor
    Walmart Decides to Try Caring About Its WorkersMonths after Walmart associates started dying from COVID, stores will require masks.
  4. coronavirus
    These Are the Stores Requiring Customers to Wear MasksWalmart is joining Costco, Starbucks, and Best Buy in requiring shoppers to cover their faces to avoid spreading COVID-19.
  5. labor
    Walmart Workers Are Dying From Coronavirus. Now They Want a Seat at the Table.Associates are lobbying investors for the right to be considered for seats on the company’s board of directors.
  6. the top line
    Walmart Had a Great First Quarter — and Has Good News About the Whole Economy“Call it relief spending,” said the company’s CEO, “as it was heavily influenced by stimulus dollars.”
  7. coronavirus
    This May Day, Honor Labor by Compensating ItLabor is entitled to the wealth it creates. It deserves more than temporary hazard pay.
  8. coronavirus
    Workers Are Trying to Avert a Deadly COVID-19 DisasterCOVID-19 has life-and-death stakes. Workers know that.
  9. the top line
    Walmart’s Gun Decision Is Less Political Than It LooksIt’s about perceptions of safety by customers and employees. But it also underlines how much gun-rights activists have overstepped.
  10. guns
    Walmart Cancels Handgun-Ammo Sales, Backs ‘Commonsense’ Gun LegislationThe nation’s largest retailer takes some small but possibly influential steps away from the lethal-weapons business.
  11. memes of production
    Walmart Workers Realize Corporate Is Spying on Them, Retaliate With Union MemesA recent firing reminded the Walmart subreddit’s complainers that they can get fired for posts their bosses don’t like.
  12. vision 2020
    Raise Wages, Bernie Sanders Tells Walmart ShareholdersThe 2020 candidate joined Walmart associates at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, saying it still pays many employees “starvation wages.”
  13. e-commerce
    Can Amazon Compete in India When It Can’t Act Like a Monopoly?New policies in India will make it much harder for foreign behemoths like Amazon and Walmart to throw their weight around.
  14. long vs short
    Long vs. Short: Can Walmart Compete in Amazon’s World?The company’s stock is near an all-time high, but some investors are wondering if the optimism is warranted.
  15. select all
    Walmart Yodeler Is Going to CoachellaMason Ramsey has a busy weekend ahead of him.
  16. select all
    The Walmart Yodeler Is Here to Improve Your Shopping ExperienceMason Ramsey can belt wherever, whenever.
  17. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Resist the Excesses of #MeTooHonor complexity. Make meaningful distinctions between offenses. Defend due process, privacy, and sex itself.
  18. Walmart Gives Worker Bonuses, Boosts Hourly Wage to $11The country’s largest private retailer is feeling the pinch to compete.
  19. shootings
    3 Killed in Shooting at Colorado Walmart, Gunman Still at LargePolice say a man walked into the store, randomly fired at people near the registers, then fled.
  20. select all
    Walmart Buys Prolific Subway Advertiser Jet.com for $3 BillionThe two are joining forces to take on Amazon.
  21. Walmart Is Giving Up on Trying to Be Your Neighborhood GrocerClosing smaller stores, opening more giants.
  22. Walmart’s Black Friday SpiesSave money. Sneak better.
  23. Meet the 29-Year-Old Who Was, Until Today, a Secret MegabillionaireHere’s what we know about Lukas Walton.
  24. The Amazon KillerThere’s one company that could really take on Amazon. And it’s decided to do it.
  25. Everyday Low (Banking) PricesIt might get just a little cheaper to be poor. 
  26. always low wages
    Washington, D.C., Won Its Fight With WalmartThe district’s politicians sacrificed jobs for local values. Good for them.
  27. politics
    President Obama to Get a New Budget Chief From WalmartSources say Sylvia Mathews Burwell will be nominated on Monday.
  28. neighborhood news
    City to Remain Walmart-less for Foreseeable FutureYears of effort, down the drain.
  29. wal-mart’s mexican bribery scandal
    Justice Department Investigating Wal-Mart Bribery AllegationsThe investigation began in December.
  30. wal-mart’s mexican bribery scandal
    Walmart in Damage Control Mode Over Times Bribery Investigation The company launched its own inquiry before informing the DOJ, SEC, and Walmart shareholders.
  31. wal-mart’s mexican bribery scandal
    Walmart Top Brass Implicated in Mexican Subsidiary’s Bribery ScandalMore than $24 million was paid out for permits and zoning changes.
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    All the Insanity From This Year’s Black Friday ShoppingLow-lights include incidents involving pepper spray, tasers, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs.
  33. the national interest
    Robert Bork Has Good News for All the LadiesWomen aren’t discriminated against anymore? At all?
  34. the third terminator
    People Are Feeling Worse About Mayor Bloomberg Than They Have for the Past Six YearsOn the flip side, they’re really ready for Wal-Mart.
  35. wal-mart
    Wal-Mart: Too Big to Sue, Says CourtThe Supreme Court rules that former and current female employees can’t bring sex-discrimination claims in a class-action suit.
  36. wal-mart
    Hey, Brooklyn, Would You Rather Have a Wal-Mart or a ShopRite?In Brooklyn.
  37. wal-mart
    A Day of Wal-Mart Bashing, With a Side of Ground Zero Mosque Protests (Remember Those?)Before a City Council hearing, revisiting the last building that was supposedly going to disgrace the skyline.
  38. the new normal
    Breaking: Rich Are Rich Again, Poor Still PoorThe “new normal,” it turns out, is pretty much the same as the old normal.
  39. war-mart
    Wal-Mart Steps Up Its New York Propaganda WarA website seeks to mobilize supporters, but do supporters care enough to mobilize?
  40. war-mart
    You Might Be Surprised by What New Yorkers Think of Wal-MartThey like it, and most of them want one in their neighborhood.
  41. supreme court
    Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart Gets Kicked Up to the Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court will be deciding whether a class-action suit is appropriate.
  42. walmart
    Walmart Sets Sights On ManhattanQueens and Lower Manhattan may soon be home to 20,000 sq. ft. stores.
  43. the post-racial world
    Arrest Made in Case of Racist Wal-Mart AnnouncementYep, it was a 16-year-old boy.
  44. the post-racial world
    Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices, Sometimes RacismBlack customers were told to leave a New Jersey Wal-Mart over the weekend.
  45. the greatest depression
    Bankers Now Taking Jobs Away From Old People, High-School StudentsFirst they blew up the economy. Now they’re stealing what few jobs are left.
  46. bright ideas
    Walmart Wants to Provide New Yorkers a Place to Buy Inexpensive ThingsThey’ll only need three city blocks for a store.
  47. mccaintics
    So, What Exactly Was So Suspended About McCain’s Campaign?Ads, interviews, fund-raisers, surrogates — kind of looks like a non-suspended campaign, no?
  48. early and often
    CNN: McCain Will DebateThe Arizona senator is preparing to leave for Mississippi right now, according to reports.
  49. early and often
    Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Shreds John McCainReid and Banking chair Chris Dodd just wrapped up a scathing press conference about the status of the bailout package.
  50. company town
    Manhattan Rents Finally DroppingCerberus’ founder goes on the record, Richard Butler goes free, and Bloomberg strong-arms Wal-Mart in today’s news roundup.
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