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  1. past is prologue
    Remembering the Reagan-Ford ‘Co-Presidency’ That Could Have BeenIf you find Biden’s veep selection process boring, look back 40 years to a wild ride at the Republican convention where Reagan eventually picked Bush.
  2. ponzied
    Carly Simon Was a Victim of Money Manager Ken Starr, But Walter Cronkite ‘Got Out Early’Lucky him.
  3. vu.
    Walter Cronkite’s Apartment SoldThe United Nations Plaza three-bedroom was only on the market for four days.
  4. photo op
    Barack, Bill Share an Intimate MomentA little last-minute advice from a guy who’s been there.
  5. gossipmonger
    Alec Baldwin Wants to Meet Bethenny FrankelNaturally, this drives the other ‘Real Housewives’ wild.
  6. the great debate
    The New Most Trusted Person, ContinuedLarry David? Anderson Cooper? … Miley Cyrus?
  7. the great debate
    Who Is the New Most-Trusted Person in America?With Walter Cronkite gone, the mantle of Most Trusted Person in America is up for grabs. Here’s out list of the top ten contenders.
  8. in other news
    Cronkite’s Voice Will Continue to Introduce CBS Evening NewsReversing a previous decision, the network has decided to continue to have a recording of the legendary anchorman’s voice introducing Katie Couric.
  9. in other news
    Walter Cronkite Has DiedWalter Cronkite, legendary anchorman and the “most trusted man in America,” died this evening at the age of 92.
  10. gossipmonger
    John Mayer Has Another Girlfriend Today John Mayer and Cameron Diaz canoodled at the Bowery Hotel. Protesters are hanging around Viacom head Phillippe Dauman and buyout artist Henry Kravis’s respective homes. An assistant of Annie Leibovitz was involved in a bad Vespa accident but is expected to recover. Eli Wallach, the star of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, just turned 92 but is still acting. Morgan Spurlock may or may not have found Osama bin Laden in this latest documentary. Donald Trump says he did not leave a waiter a $10,000 tip, despite what was reported by the restaurant.
  11. intel
    Walter Cronkite Can’t WalkFor 90-year-old Walter Cronkite, traveling can be a serious pain. Forgetting the lay of his new room one night recently, he ran into a table and broke two ribs. His girlfriend, Joanna Simon, says he rose to answer the phone without turning on the lights in his room in England, where he was working on the documentary Legacy of War, and he spent two days in the hospital under doctors’ observation. “He’s absolutely fine, but in such pain he can’t eat, he can’t stand up, he can’t sit down, and he’s miserable,” Simon told us at a dinner screening of In the Shadow of the Moon, a documentary about the surviving moonwalkers, the former CBS anchorman was scheduled to host last night at the Plaza Athenee. Legacy production has been put on hold for four to six weeks — Cronkite’s expected recovery time. “He wanted to come tonight, but he couldn’t stand up in order to walk into the room.” Simon’s nursing duty mostly consists of giving Cronkite Tylenol now that he’s off codeine. “The codeine really knocked him out,” she explained. And that’s the way it was. —Amy Odell
  12. gossipmonger
    Andy Bugs Bill?Andrew Cuomo appointed a former foe of Bill Clinton’s to his transition committee, and “Page Six” insists the Clintons aren’t thrilled. Casey Johnson threw a designer a Fashion Week party in exchange for a fur coat, didn’t get the fur coat, and then complained about it. Nas cheated on, beat his ex-wife, according to the ex-wife. An unnamed New York Met may have fallen for a blonde stripper. Jessica Simpson lost out on a Vanity Fair cover and a Miu Miu campaign because of her hairdresser. Anderson Cooper went to Brazil, chatted up a good-looking man. Walter Cronkite’s summertime chef is trying to write a tell-all book about him. Dan Aykroyd asked Jay McInerney to taste-test a bunch of wines he is producing. L.A. Clipper Elton Brand produced a Werner Herzog film. Liv Tyler likes South Carolina because she can smoke anywhere. Yahoo!’s Terry Semel could battle Jeff Zucker for NBC’s top slot, says Cindy Adams. Looking for Christmas gifts for your PETA-member friend? Adopt a chimp! (Related: Boycott Pom brand pomegranate juice.)