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War In The Middle East

  1. terrorble
    New Song Mocks Israelis Over Vehicular Attacks“Yes, you Zionist, not someone else.”
  2. Palestinian Leader Warns Jerusalem Headed Toward ‘Religious War’What peace talks?
  3. islamic state watch
    Obama Sending 1,500 More Troops to Help Against ISIS in IraqThe White House is also requesting another $5.6 billion.
  4. international intrigue
    Palestinian Leaders Call Holy-Site Closure a ‘Declaration of War’So much for peace prospects.
  5. war in the middle east
    Palestinian-American Teenager Killed by IDF in West BankHe was the second U.S. citizen casualty in the region this week.
  6. islamic state watch
    U.S. Settles for ‘Kind of Bleh’ Name in Ongoing Operation Against ISISInherent Resolve, which had already been rejected by the Pentagon.
  7. Netanyahu Equates Hamas and ISIS in Another Controversial U.N. SpeechIsrael’s response to Abbas.
  8. hummus wars
    The Other Front in the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Hummus Ads“You’re either a member or you’re not,” says the slogan.
  9. war in the middle east
    Palestinian Leader Accuses Israel of Genocide Remember, this is the one Israel doesn’t totally hate.
  10. war in the middle east
    IDF Kills 2 Palestinians Involved in Kidnapping of Israeli TeensThe crime helped lead to this summer’s conflict in Gaza.
  11. islamic state watch
    France Is Bombing ISIS Now, TooBut only in Iraq.
  12. gaza
    ‘I’m Still Here’: Post-Cease-fire, Gaza Starts to RebuildPhotographer Eloisa d’Orsi traveled to Gaza City and the region’s south.
  13. war in the middle east
    Hamas’s Role in Kidnapping of Israeli Teens Remains MurkyIt’s unclear if top leaders were aware of the plot.
  14. war in the middle east
    What Each Side Gained in the Gaza Cease-fire DealSo far, not much.
  15. war in the middle east
    Incredible Photos of Gaza’s Cease-fire CelebrationsResidents cheer after Israel and Palestinian factions reach a long-term deal.
  16. Hamas Reports Cease-fire Reached After Israeli Strikes on High-RisesBut Israeli officials have yet to respond.
  17. war in the middle east
    Israeli Strike Completely Destroys Gaza Apartment BuildingIt was the largest structure destroyed in the conflict so far.
  18. Hamas Kills at Least 18 Suspected of Informing IsraelNot good at all.
  19. Israeli Strikes Hit 3 Top Hamas LeadersThose dead are among Israel’s most wanted men.
  20. war in the middle east
    Family of Hamas Military Leader Killed by Israeli StrikeYet Mohammed Deif managed to evade death once more.
  21. war in the middle east
    Israel-Gaza Cease-fire Ends With Rocket Fire; No Lasting Deal in SightRockets were fired at Beersheba from the territory. 
  22. war in the middle east
    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Can’t Get Into GazaThe physical evidence they want to document is disappearing fast. 
  23. war in the middle east
    The EU Offered to Monitor Gaza’s Borders So That Israel Doesn’t Have ToBecause the status quo is “not an option.”
  24. ISIS Is Making Everyone in the Middle East Extremely NervousThis is how you know they’re very bad news.
  25. war in the middle east
    Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Proceed, SlowlyAnd a planned flotilla may just screw it all up.
  26. Israel and Gaza Sign on for Another 72-Hour Cease-fireFinally.
  27. war in the middle east
    President Obama Says Operation in Iraq Is ‘Going to Take Some Time’As U.S. planes deliver more food to refugees stranded in the mountains. 
  28. war in the middle east
    The First Death in Gaza After the Cease-fire Was a 10-Year-Old Boy’sAfter three days of relative peace.
  29. war in the middle east
    Israel Accuses Hamas of Breaking Gaza Cease-fireTwo rockets were fired into Israel.
  30. war in the middle east
    Israel Now Says It Has Proof Hamas Kidnapped the Three TeensThe Israeli government says Hussam Qawasmeh got orders from Hamas elite.
  31. war in the middle east
    Here’s Some Very Rare Video Footage of Hamas Shooting Rockets Into IsraelAn Indian TV crew somehow got footage no one else could. 
  32. war in the middle east
    Israel Pulls All Ground Troops From Gaza As 72-hour Cease-fire BeginsThe previous truce was broken in under two hours, but there’s hope this one may last.
  33. war in the middle east
    130 Palestinians Are Dead After Israel’s Response to a Kidnapping That Wasn’tThis is the result of the 1986 “Hannibal Directive.”
  34. war in the middle east
    Israel Faces Harshest U.S. Criticism Yet, Then Breaks Its Own Cease-fireThe U.S. called Sunday’s attack on a U.N. shelter “horrifying.”
  35. Israeli Strike Hits Another U.N. Shelter; Most Ground Troops Leave Gaza 10 people, including at least two children, were killed. 
  36. war in the middle east
    Hamas Says It Doesn’t Have Kidnapped Israeli Soldier As Israel continues to hit the area where Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin disappeared. 
  37. awful things
    Website Deletes Op-ed Proposing Genocide in GazaThough we have to wonder who allowed it to be published in the first place.
  38. war in the middle east
    Israel and Hamas Blame Each Other for Quick End to Cease-fire in GazaAn Israeli soldier appears to have been kidnapped, and another 50 Palestinians have been killed.
  39. war in the middle east
    72-Hour Unconditional Humanitarian Cease-fire Reached in GazaBeginning Friday morning, the U.S. and U.N. announced.
  40. war in the middle east
    U.N. to Israel: ‘Nothing Is More Shameful Than Attacking Sleeping Children’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said “all available evidence points to Israeli artillery as the cause” of Wednesday’s attack on a shelter.
  41. war in the middle east
    U.S. Condemns Israel’s Attack on U.N. Shelter, But Doesn’t Blame IsraelThe White House is “extremely concerned” the shelters aren’t safe.
  42. war in the middle east
    Israel Kills at Least 20 in Early Morning Attack on U.N. School Shelter“Where am I supposed to go?” says one of the 200,000 displaced Palestinians.
  43. Israel Knocks Out Gaza’s Power Plant in a Day of Heavy Strikes The assault appears to be intensifying.
  44. war in the middle east
    Gaza Violence Resumes After Short BreakA brief pause in the fighting ended on Monday.
  45. war in the middle east
    U.N. Security Council Calls for Immediate Cease-fire Between Israel and HamasA statement drafted by Jordan wants peace ahead of Eid al-Fitr.
  46. war in the middle east
    Israel and Hamas Stop Fighting for One Day [Updated]Both sides agreed to a short humanitarian ceasefire.
  47. war in the middle east
    Another Bloody Day: Israel Strikes U.N. Shelter in Gaza, Killing at Least 15The IDF says schools have been used to hide Palestinian rockets.
  48. war in the middle east
    FAA Lifts Ban on U.S. Flights to IsraelBloomberg’s stunt actually worked.
  49. Bloomberg Is Flying to Israel to Protest the FAA BanHe’s flying commercial, though he owns a private plane.
  50. war in the middle east
    U.S. and European Airlines to Stop Flying to Israel for NowThe FAA issued a warning after a rocket landed near the Tel Aviv airport.
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