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War On Terror

  1. 9/11: 20 years later
    Bin Laden WonHow the terrorist mastermind drew the U.S. into a war with its own ideals.
  2. afghanistan
    Who Will Remember Afghanistan?As the country falls to the Taliban, a veteran looks back.
  3. national security
    The War on Terror Is InescapableIt produced Trump and remains a threat to American democracy, a new book argues.
  4. politics
    Biden Administration Transfers Its First Guantánamo DetaineeResuming an Obama-era policy, the Pentagon repatriated a Moroccan man who had been held without charges at the notorious facility since 2002.
  5. Gina Haspel Actually Did Not Supervise CIA’s Most Notorious Use of WaterboardingNew reporting shows Gina Haspel was not at a black site when Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times. But there are other issues with her record.
  6. Trump’s Military Parade Would Not Be ‘Un-American’We are a country that worships the military, wages forever wars, and gives our leader the unilateral authority to end all human life.
  7. Do Americans Know Where Our Troops Are and Why They Are There?The deaths of U.S. troops in Niger opened up a whole series of bigger questions about troop deployments and the strategies used to justify them.
  8. Deaths in Niger Prompt Rare Questions About Broader U.S. MissionPresidents have been able to send U.S. service members anywhere in the world they want for more than 16 years.
  9. war on terror
    White House Backing Down on Renewed Use of Torture, Black SitesThey still intend to expand the use of the prison at Guantánamo Bay, however.
  10. war on terror
    U.S. Commando Killed in Al Qaeda Raid in Yemen, First Combat Death Under TrumpThe raid was the first U.S. ground operation in Yemen since the start of the country’s two-year-old civil war.
  11. war on terror
    The Battle to Liberate Mosul From ISIS Has BegunThe fight is expected to last weeks, if not months, and may lead to an enormous humanitarian crisis.
  12. America Has Spent Nearly $5 Trillion on Wars Since 9/11And we may be less safe now than before we made that investment.
  13. war in afghanistan
    Reports: Afghan Taliban Leader Killed in U.S. Air StrikeThe targeting of Mullah Mansour is the U.S. military’s most significant strike on Pakistani soil since the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011.
  14. guantanamo bay
    U.S. Releases 9 More Guantanamo DetaineesEighty detainees now remain, the lowest population at the facility in 14 years. 
  15. isis
    U.S. Says It Has Killed the Leader of ISIS in LibyaThe Pentagon insists the strike was initiated prior to the terrorist attacks in France.
  16. fog of war
    Obama May Leave U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Through the End of His PresidencyAmerica’s longest war looks like it will extend its run.
  17. charlie hebdo
    Charlie Hebdo and the Shifting Nature of Islamic TerrorismThough Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, the threat of the indoctrinated individual now appears greater than that of formal groups.
  18. war on terror
    Another Suspect Arrested for Killing Daniel Pearl in PakistanMilitant Qari Abdul Hayee was picked up in Karachi.
  19. war on terror
    You’re Just Going to Have to Trust the Government That Drone Killing Is LegalA frustrated judge ruled the justification can stay secret.
  20. war on terror
    Obama Administration Justifies Killing Citizens as ACLU’s Jaw DropsAttorney General Eric Holder gave a speech defending the policy today.
  21. absolute moron’s guide
    The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the New Military Detention LawsAn FAQ for the hopelessly uninformed.
  22. class warfare
    Sustainable Rage? Frank Rich and Adam Moss on How Occupy Wall Street Will EndKind of like the sixties, but without sex or pot.
  23. war on terror
    Leon Panetta Won Republicans Over With Sass, DronesLiberal dove turns hawk favorite.
  24. war on terror
    Secret Al-Awlaki Memo and Drone Program Raise ConcernsAmerican presidents don’t often have American citizens killed.
  25. the national interest
    Dick Cheney Demands VindicationCheney’s cognitive dissonance.
  26. war on terror
    Justice Department Memo: al-Awlaki Assassination LegalBackground check: Awlaki twice arrested with prostitutes.
  27. war on terror
    Top Counterterrorism Agent: Killing al-Awlaki Was the Right Thing to DoBut will Yemen be the new Pakistan?
  28. war on terror
    Al Qaeda Magazine’s American Creator Also Killed in YemenSamir Khan was reportedly hit by the same drone strike that targeted radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.
  29. war on terror
    Not Everyone Thinks Killing Anwar al-Awlaki Was the Right Thing to DoSome argue that the targeted killing may do more harm than good.
  30. war on terror
    Al Qaeda Leader Anwar al-Awlaki Killed in YemenTerrorism’s Internet celebrity was hit by a missile this morning.
  31. Military Court Upholds Life Sentence for Al Qaeda’s Propaganda ChiefIt’s only the second time the court has reviewed a Gitmo conviction.
  32. Eric Holder Says Pakistani Taliban ‘Was Behind’ Attempted Times Square AttackIt may have also given money to Faisal Shazad.
  33. Faisal Shahzad Radicalized by War on TerrorHe really hates predator drones.
  34. never forget
    Rudy Giuliani Keeping Score on Terror Attacks, PoorlyHow could Rudy “9/11” Giuliani forget about 9/11?