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War Powers Act

  1. iran
    House Votes To Order Trump To End Unauthorized Military Actions Against IranIt’s a non-binding resolution passed on a near-party-line vote, but does reflect some congressional pushback against the imperial presidency.
  2. iran
    House Vote Is Unlikely to Curb Trump’s War Powers on IranThanks to many years of Congress ceding war-making powers to the commander-in-chief, Democrats have been left with a very weak hand.
  3. iran
    What Legal Authority Did Trump Have to Assassinate Qasem Soleimani?It looks like the administration will try to claim its attacks are covered by congressional authorizations of the War on Terror or the Iraq War.
  4. islamic state watch
    Obama Asks Congress to Authorize Force Against ISISHe sent a letter asking for a three-year commitment to defeating the terrorist group.
  5. barack obama
    The House of Representatives Is Not Okay With Obama’s Libya InterventionHe’s still probably got the backing of the Senate, though, so it’s unlikely a resolution to defund the operation will have any teeth.