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  1. Trump Weighs ‘Saturation Strike’ Against Syrian GovernmentThe strikes would likely kill Russian soldiers and mark a 180-degree shift in the White House’s policy toward Syria.
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    PissPigGranddad, the Punk-Rock Florist Who Fought ISIS in Syria, Is Coming HomeBrace Belden became a radical icon when he went to take up arms against terrorists, build a socialist utopia, and tweet jokes about the revolution.
  3. There Were Two Major Victories Against ISIS in Iraq and SyriaIraqi forces retake most of Mosul airport, while Turkish-backed Syrian rebels expel the extremist group from al-Bab.
  4. The Mattis-Bannon Race for Secret President May Be Most Important of Our LivesBannon says a war with China is inevitable. Mattis is telling our allies that we don’t need to take “military steps” against Beijing or Tehran.
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    Montauk Resident Hopes to Rally 1,000 for Battle Against Manhattan“There’s strength in numbers.”
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    Is It Time to Change the Strategy Against ISIS?After the fall of Ramadi, some are wondering if the U.S. is losing another war in Iraq.
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    The Great Human vs. Animal War Has Begun in NYCThey’re not taking “hoot” (owl for “no”) as an answer.
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    American Deserter: Why AWOL U.S. Soldiers Are Most at Risk in CanadaIt used to be the safest place for a war deserter to go. Now it’s just about the worst destination.
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    The Riskiest Place for AWOL U.S. Soldiers Is CanadaIt used to be the safest place for a war deserter to go. Now it’s just about the worst destination.
  10. Media Organizations Gather Troops and Prepare to Go to War in 2016There are hundreds of people already covering every moment of the 2016 presidential election. 
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    Rand Paul Wants to Formally Declare War on ISISSuch a thing hasn’t happened since 1942.
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    Russian Bombers Might Start Flying Patrol Missions Near U.S. Borders What, you weren’t already having nightmares about World War III?
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    NATO Says Russian Troops Are in Ukraine (Again)Russia says they’re imagining things.
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    Russia Denies Troops in Ukraine, Despite PhotosThousands of Russians are apparently fighting across the border.
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    Russia Is Opening Another Front Against UkraineRemember that glimmer of hope from yesterday? Yeah, no.
  16. U.S. Ground Troops Have Landed in Iraq to Plan Yazidi RescueThe religious minority is still trapped there by ISIS militants.
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    Bowe Bergdahl’s Ayn Rand-ian JournalThe returned Taliban prisoner sent his notebook to a friend before leaving his post in Afghanistan.
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    Teenager Punctuates 9/11 Tribute With Plea to Obama for PeaceA 15-year-old spoke up during her time on the microphone.
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    Assad Laughs Off Chemical Weapons QuestionsThe Syrian president sat down with Charlie Rose.
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    Young American Diplomat Killed in Afghan AttackAnne Smedinghoff was 25 years old.
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    Long Island’s 92-Year-Old Movie Bootlegger Is Untouchable Because he’s basically a saint.
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    Americans Apologize for Burning Korans in AfghanistanProtesters were not pleased in the slightest.
  23. U.S. Officials Punished Over Lost Body PartsAn internal report said the mistakes were a “mission failure.”
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    The White House Lifts Ban on Condolence Letters to Families of Military SuicidesIt’s an overdue move, meant to help destigmatize the mental-health toll suffered by soldiers at war.
  25. what is it good for?
    America’s Decade of War Has Cost Only $2.7 Trillion So FarAnd up to $4.4 trillion by 2020.
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    America Questions What Its Many Sundry Wars Are Good ForAbsolutely nothing, some contend.
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    Now EVERYBODY Wants to Own a War DogYou, too, could have your own $50,000 killing machine.
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    We Didn’t Wake Up to War in the Korean Peninsula This MorningThat was a nice surprise.
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    WikiLeaks Documents: More Abuse, Cover-ups, and Ties Between Iraqi Militants and IranMore bad news from Julian Assange.
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    Taliban Members Hiding in Pakistan Get NATO Escort to Peace TalksIt’s probably nice to get away from those drones for a couple of days.
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    2010 Is Already the Deadliest Year for Soldiers in AfghanistanOfficials said that with December’s surge of U.S. troops, more bloodshed was expected.