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  1. vision 2020
    The Big Liar Ends the RNC With Big Lies About Himself and BidenTrump ended the convention as it began — with efforts to salvage his record, make out Biden as a radical, frighten suburbanites, and ignore COVID-19.
  2. john bolton
    Team Bolton: John Never Promised Trump He ‘Wouldn’t Start Any Wars’In fact, a new report suggests the national security adviser promised the very opposite.
  3. syrian spring
    Syrian Rebels Now Paying Assad’s Soldiers to DefectMoney to come from rich Gulf Arab states.
  4. taliban
    Top Taliban Commander Detained in PakistanHighest-ranking Taliban figure captured since Afghanistan war began.
  5. early and often
    Heilemann: Obama’s Afghan War Trade“July 2011” were the most politically significant words in Obama’s West Point speech.
  6. what other people think
    It’s Hard to Get Excited About the New Afghanistan StrategyEven for supporters of escalation, Obama’s plan seems like pussyfooting.
  7. international intrigue
    Sunday Talk Shows Foretell Unenthused Response to Obama’s Afghanistan PlanLawmakers begin expressing their doubts about as-yet-unknown plan.
  8. international intrigue
    Obama to Announce Afghanistan Decision Next WeekReports already indicate that he’ll be sending over 30,000 more troops.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    ‘I Said, ‘We Should Go,’ Almost Exactly As Sultan Said the Same Thing’’Times’ journalist Stephen Farrell’s account of his kidnapping in Afghanistan by the Taliban is definitely worth a read.
  10. internet warfare
    ‘’Moronic Bloggers’ Is Redundant,’ Says CNBC HostessThe network fires another missile at the rock-throwing blogosphere.
  11. party lines
    Tom Arnold Wants a Trip on Air Force OneBecause it would impress the ladies.
  12. neighborhood news
    The Wheatpaste Wars of Downtown ManhattanThe kids who painted over a bunch of ads have been thwarted by consumer culture.
  13. sometimes it’s the little things
    Battle of the Bozos Heats UpIn this war between adjacent office buildings, will anyone win?
  14. sometimes it’s the little things
    The 22nd 21st Street Battle of the BozosHere’s one of those stories that reminds you there actually are people in those faceless buildings all around you. And, sometimes, inflatable clowns.
  15. the greatest depression
    The Benjamin Button EconomyIt’s not contracting, it’s getting YOUNGER.
  16. George Bush: ‘I Think I Was Unprepared for War’The president said in a new interview that the war in Iraq exceeded his expectations.
  17. obama administration
    New Administration Already Tackling Afghanistan, Which Is Already ResistingBy picking Robert Gates for Defense secretary, Obama has given himself the power to start preparing his Afghanistan strategy before he even gets into office.
  18. early and often
    Russia, Georgia Helpfully Provide National-Security Test for CandidatesThere may be no winners in war, but who’s coming out on top in this political test?
  19. early and often
    Behind Maliki’s Move Against McCainThe prime minister of Iraq didn’t have to take sides in the American presidential campaign. So what is he really doing?
  20. in other news
    And It Will Become Necessary to Destroy the Country in Order to Save ItSorry, this has no New York connection and is outside our usual bailiwick and all that, but, still: How did this man get elected twice? Bush to Invoke Vietnam in Arguing Against Iraq Pullout [CNN] Related: Bush’s Iraq-Vietnam Parallel [The Lede/NYT]
  21. photo op
    All They Are Saying… Moveon.org’s “Emergency Veto Rally” converged on Union Square at rush hour last night to protest President Bush’s veto of the Democrat’s war-funding bill, which set a date for troop withdrawal. The youngest protester looked to be about 3; the oldest no doubt saw plenty of anti-Vietnam rallies as well. There were some college kids, too, but not many. Whither the young radicals? (On the other hand, the college kids probably came up with our all-time favorite rally chant, replacing words in a Ludacris lyric: “Move Bush, get out the way, get out the way Bush, get out the way.”) —Everett Bogue
  22. it just happened
    No War With Iran (for Now)! We’d sort of convinced ourselves that the British sailors and marines captured by Iran were going to become the Archduke Ferdinands of the Middle East–centered World War III Bush and Cheney have brought us to the precipice of. But there’s the good news today that Iran is releasing them, and we’re pleased to see the conflagration is staved off for at least another day. “We’re not looking for confrontation over this,” Tony Blair said in a radio interview yesterday. Funny what happens when you choose not to look for confrontations. Iran to Release 15 Britons Held Since March 23 [NYT]
  23. photo op
    Another Year, Another March Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war and protesters across the country marked the occasion yesterday with marches from San Francisco to Washington. Here in New York, demonstrators moved through midtown, crossing 42nd Street (above) to walk north along Third Avenue. We imagine there was less drinking at this parade than at Saturday’s Saint Patrick’s Day event, but just as many cops.