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Washington Square Park

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    Scenes From a Sanders Rally in New YorkHardly a baby boomer in sight.
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    Dogs With GoPros: What New York City Looks Like From a Pooch’s Point of ViewA photo experiment.
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    Washington Square Park Snake Has a New, Indoor HomeShe’s said to be “very, very friendly.”
  4. animanhattan
    Washington Square Park Snake Was Either 2 Feet or 6 Feet or 10 Feet Long!?Depends on whom you ask.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Free Hugs’ Man Revealed to Be Less Than Ideal Embracer He allegedly hit a woman with a soda can when she turned him down.
  6. occupy wall street
    Despite Arrests, Occupiers Look Forward to NYSE Protest“Please don’t go to jail tonight, we need you in the streets.”
  7. occupy wall street
    OWS Begins One-Year Anniversary DemonstrationsThough much was familiar, the movement has seen some changes since last September. 
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    City Closes Washington Square Toilets, Parkgoers Must Keeping Using StarbucksRegulars miss the bathrooms they found too gross to use.
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    Occupy Wall Street’s New Second Home: Washington Square Park?Protesters plan to occupy the park today.
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    300200-Year-Old Gravestone Found in Washington Square ParkJames Jackson “departed this life the 22nd day of September 1799.”
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    Weed in Washington Square Park: Are Alcoves Really the Problem?Or will kids go there to buy drugs no matter what the layout of the park?
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    Say Good-bye to the Mod Catholic Church on Washington SquareNYU just bought it for $25 million and they want to replace its groovy sixties goodness.
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    That Amazing House From ‘Moonstruck’ Is Still Up for Grabs, Only Now It’s Cheaper!Brooklyn Heights: The sale price of the Cranberry Street house where they filmed Moonstruck has dropped from $5 million to $3.95 million since early 2006. That’s still très Cher! [Brooklyn Heights Blog] Coney Island: Astroland opens Sunday … possibly, for the second year in a row now, for its last season before major Coney development begins. [amNY] East New York: It’s “the new Harlem,” did you know that? So if you’re bitter you didn’t buy uptown twenty years ago, you’ll want to buy here, where cribs are going for up to $300,000. [NYDN]
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    Ghost Towns and Old BonesFlushing: Time to buy a new bathing suit! Or, um, ice skates? The plush, $66.3 million Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Natatorium and Ice Rink is opening today. [Curbed] Lower East Side: Loud messy construction from Jason Pomeranc’s hotel at 200 Allen Street and Morris Platt’s 26-story condo on Orchard Street has turned the surrounding blocks into “a ghost town.” [NYO] Lower Manhattan: Signs that speak of the World Trade Center in the present tense will be removed. [NYT]
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    The Plaza Will Soon Let You Throw Money at It AgainGowanus: The Gowanus Village is on the market for $27 million, and Curbed has a photo gallery, including shots of the “beautiful canal waterfront.” [Brownstoner] Lower Manhattan: Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The visitor center down there will have a public program at 7 p.m. in remembrance. [WTC Visitor’s Center] Midtown: The Plaza’s final opening date is scheduled for March 1. It starts at only $1,000 a night. But that comes with wireless! [NYT]
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    Adam Duritz Knows How to Fix His Own LightsOkay, so on Sunday night we went to this Delta event with the Counting Crows, and ever since then our friends and co-workers have been making fun of us because we love that band. But we are not ashamed! Sure, you may have abandoned them after “Mr. Jones” got annoyingly stuck in your head too many times, or even as recently as their “Big Yellow Taxi” remake which was offensive to almost all humans. But we love them nonetheless, and they have a new album coming out. It was supposed to come out in November, but it got delayed. Lead singer Adam Duritz, who has been a New Yorker since their last album, Hard Candy, five years ago, recorded half here and half in his native Berkeley. The album is called Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings, and they’ve begun testing out some of the tunes — including the ballad “Washington Square” — on concert audiences. And we are excited about it and don’t care what you think. At the Delta event, where the airline announced an exclusive collaboration with the band (they’ll offer an all-Crows music station on their onboard radio menu and will sponsor the band’s tour), we actually got to sit down and talk with Duritz for a while about the album, the music industry, and living in the city. After the jump, we’ve posted a portion of our Q&A for your enjoyment. Nobody’s looking, we promise. You can click through.
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    New Plans for Washington Square Park Revealed! Again! Last night, for the umpteenth time, the Parks Department unveiled its latest plans for a new, improved Washington Square Park. Being a bit obsessive-compulsive, we’re stoked that the blueprints propose to move the fountain so it aligns with the arch; it’s been bugging us for years! Still, just like the earlier iterations of the same plan, this one is likely to die at the hands of the community representatives. “People feel very strong about this park,” the Sun quotes a Parks spokesperson deadpanning. An understatement, that. In 2005, local activists killed the proposal to put in gates because it would “take away from the tradition of openness”; a plan to level several seemingly functionless mounds was met with even more indignation. As of now, there’s a total of five lawsuits dragging down the project, the latest two of which protest the environmental impact of the renovation. Plus there’s the little matter of old burial grounds below. In other words, it’s time for the Parks Department to consider bold new steps if they want this thing ever done. Here are two that we think could instantly convert nearly all Greenwich Villagers to the renovation cause: a fenced-in hacky-sack zone and a parkwide ban on acoustic covers of “No Woman No Cry.” Washington Square Park Plans Get Cool Reception [NYS]
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    Yay, Immigrants! It’s now a May Day tradition: nationwide rallies for immigrants’ rights. In New York, fewer marchers were expected today than last year, but Washington Square Park this afternoon still drew a significant crowd. Gothamist says the action was focused on the park, with a prayer service at Judson Memorial Church kicking things off, a rally, and then a march to Union Square. Flickr photographer Boss Tweed caught the scene in the park, where protesters were focusing on the impact strict immigration laws have on families. Boss Tweed’s Photos [Flickr] Related: Immigration Rally and March Today [Gothamist]
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    In a Post-Apocalyptic New York, There Will Be Lightsabers Yesterday afternoon we brought you Intern Everett’s photos from Washington Square Park, where production crews for a forthcoming Will Smith movie were turning the central fountain into a post-apocalyptic wasteland by means of a large, inflatable thing. Eager Everett went back last night, when presumably the shooting was taking place, to see just how much more post-apocalyptic things would get. Not very, he reports: “The extent of what they were bordered on nothing. They spent an hour with a giant jungle-leaf thing, putting it in various positions in front of a light so that it’d reflect up at the monument and cast a giant leaf shadow.” On the other hand, there was also a lightsaber battle. And you can’t complain about that. Earlier: Will Smith Brings the Apocalypse to Greenwich Village
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    Will Smith Brings the Apocalypse to Greenwich Village So how do you turn New York into a post-apocalyptic world? Practice, practice, practice? Let Al Shanker get hold of a nuclear warhead? (Ha! We kill ourselves.) No, apparently you do it with a large, inflatable thing in the middle of Washington Square Park. Production teams for a new Will Smith project, I Am Legend, are out in NYU-land this afternoon, preparing for what our intrepid intern-photog, Everett Bogue, gathers will be a shoot this evening. In addition to the large, inflatable thing, Everett reports the addition of a variety of fake trees, random species of plastic jungle underbrush, and a half-dozen large lighting rigs. Will the Fresh Prince himself show up? Will the Square get even more post-apocalyptic? Developing, as they say. (Oh, also? In this post-apocalyptic New York, that might not even be Washington Square. As New York reported a few months ago, the script puts the MetLife Building on Seventh Avenue and Balthazar on 14th Street.)