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Washington State

  1. gallery
    Views From the Heat-Scorched Pacific NorthwestThe region is enduring a record-obliterating heat wave.
  2. wildfires
    West Coast Wildfires: 4.6 Million Acres Burned and CountingAn unprecedented number of large wildfires in Washington, Oregon, and California continue to burn, while smoke literally chokes the region.
  3. Democrats Gain State Government ‘Trifectas’ in New Jersey and WashingtonIn what could be an appetizer for 2018, Democrats began chipping away at GOP dominance of state governments.
  4. The Next Multi-Million-Dollar Special Election Is in SeattleMoney and partisan passions are pouring into a special-election contest in Washington that will determine control of the state Senate.
  5. electoral college
    Another Electoral College Voter Might Reject Clinton“Faithless electors” have never thrown an American presidential election before, but never underestimate the political insanity of 2016.
  6. mass shootings
    5 Dead, Gunman at Large After Shooting at Washington State MallIt’s the seventh mass shooting in the state this year.
  7. other states’ embarrassments
    Apparently You’re Allowed to Blow Up Dogs in WashingtonThis is so messed up. 
  8. disasters
    Bridge Collapses North of Seattle, Submerging CarsCause still unknown.
  9. gay marriage
    Gay Marriage Bill Passes in Washington StateThe Democratic governor is expected to sign the measure into law.
  10. gay marriage
    Washington State Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Gay MarriageThe measure is expected to pass through the House.
  11. equal rites
    Washington State Will Legalize Gay MarriageHooray!