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  1. foreign affairs
    Cape Town’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning to the WorldMajor cities running dry are a predictable consequence of climate change, population growth, and poor water management.
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    Donald Trump Pulls a Rubio and Gulps From a Big-Boy Bottle of WaterThe president’s thirst is real.
  3. the environment
    As America’s Largest Reservoir Hits Record Low, a Dam Debate ReturnsNow that the Colorado River basin’s water supply is drying up, should we consider undoing some of America’s greatest engineering feats?
  4. 30 Newark Schools Shut Down Their Lead-Contaminated Drinking Fountains While Schumer proposes $100 million for New York schools to do their own testing. 
  5. Michigan Gives Flint Residents $30 Million to Pay Water BillsThe money will pay for clean water through April.
  6. Troops to Aid City That’s Gone Months Without Drinkable Tap Water, in AmericaThe National Guard heads to Flint, where 99,000 Americans have been drinking tainted tap water for months.
  7. problems
    Ohio Declares State of Emergency Over Unsafe Tap Water The stuff coming out of faucets in Toledo seems to have been contaminated with toxins.  
  8. disasters
    West Virginia Is Gradually Getting Its Tap Water BackBut it’s going to take days.
  9. disasters
    300,000 People in West Virginia Haven’t Been Able to Use Tap Water for DaysBecause of a chemical spill.
  10. in other news
    NYC Waterfall Gets Turned On!Late last night, a tipster spotted a test run of the waterfall on Pier 35 and snapped a picture. Our intial thoughts: So wet! So artsy!
  11. photo op
    Oil and Water One advantage of that flooding that’s bound to overtake New York? Deeper waters will presumably make it all the more difficult for oil tankers to run aground off Coney Island, as this one, the White Sea, did this morning. (Reportedly no oil was spilled.) See, a benefit to global warming: It’ll make it easier to import oil. Perfect! Oil Tanker Runs Aground Off Coney Island [AP via Crain’s]
  12. photo op
    When Days Are Hot, When Days Are Cold… The Floating Pool, the four-foot-deep pool-on-a-barge that’ll be anchored off Brooklyn Heights for the summer, welcomes the public tomorrow. But opening-day celebrations were held today, as notables including Parks Commish Adrian Benepe, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and — of course — Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz all took dips, as did 9-year-old Nayhira Baird. The barge also features a beach, volleyball courts, and space for sunbathing — plus, we must say, a pretty awesome view. Related: Floating Pool’s Opening Signals Start of Brooklyn Bridge Park [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
  13. party lines
    Sarah Jessica Parker Wants You to Hydrate New York City, as we all know, has the best tap water in the world — it does, dammit! — so it should be no problem for you to drink a big ole glass or two when you eat out today. As Sarah Jessica Parker pointed out by downing the clear stuff in front of photographers at the Hearst Tower last night, today is World Water Day. When you order a glass at participating restaurants around the city, you’ll be asked to donate a buck to UNICEF’s TAP Project, which provides clean drinking water to the 21 percent of developing-world children who have none. So go ahead. Chug. —Jada Yuan The TAP Project [Official site]
  14. in other news
    One Solution to the City’s Water-Bill ProblemsToday’s Times brings the news that the city’s water bills are so profoundly screwed up that it’s impossible to collect on millions and millions of dollars worth of overdue fees. We’ve uncovered a memo recently sent by the Public Works Department in an attempt to rectify things: To: Alan G. Lafley, Chairman, President, and CEO, Proctor & Gamble From: Public Works Department, The City of New York Date: December 12, 2006 Re: Water bills Dear Mr. Lafley: No less than the great American humorist Mark Twain once quipped, “Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.” In light of our recent troubles, the City of New York could not agree more. And, as recent initiatives have made Charmin one of the premier users of our most precious resource, we hope you feel the same way.