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  1. trump administration
    Haspel Nearly Walked Away From CIA Director NominationShe reportedly had to be convinced to stay after worrying she’d be “the next Ronny Jackson” amid scrutiny of her role in the CIA’s torture program.
  2. Gina Haspel Actually Did Not Supervise CIA’s Most Notorious Use of WaterboardingNew reporting shows Gina Haspel was not at a black site when Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times. But there are other issues with her record.
  3. Will McCain Sue Trump for Trying to Bring Back Torture?It could be a test of the willingness of both Congress and the courts to restrain the new president.
  4. trump transition
    John McCain Warns Trump Not to Bring Back TortureMike Pence responded, “We’re going to have a president who will never say what we’ll never do.”
  5. Donald Trump’s ‘Get Out the Vote’ Effort Failed to Register His ChildrenEric and Ivanka Trump “feel very guilty” for failing to register for the New York primary.
  6. Texas Mother Accused of Waterboarding Her Disabled 13-Year-Old SonShe claims it was her boyfriend’s idea.
  7. early and often
    Rubio Won’t Reveal His Position on Waterboarding HillaryHe keeps dodging on this important campaign issue.
  8. Donald Trump’s Son Says ‘Waterboarding Happens on College Campuses Every Day’Maybe Trump thinks “waterboarding” is a synonym for heavy drinking.
  9. torture
    Trump Champions Waterboarding, and WorseIt’s still not clear what other forms of torture Trump would like to bring back.
  10. america’s sweetheart
    Palin: Waterboarding: How We Baptize TerroristsAnd other insane nonsense from the carnival barker.
  11. torture
    Even Cheney Fans Think It’s Too Soon to Laugh About WaterboardingA roast of the former VP got pretty dark.
  12. torture
    Delaware Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Waterboarding DaughterHe’s a pediatrician.
  13. 43
    Bush’s Deciderly Response to Waterboarding: ‘Damn Right’ You Have My PermissionAnd I’d do it again if I could.
  14. secret footage
    The CIA Needs to Find a Better Hiding Place for Its 9/11 Interrogation TapesWhat’s that under the desk there?
  15. torturous
    Nancy Pelosi Admits to Eavesdropping on Waterboard ConversationsShe knew, but she didn’t Officially Know. Important distinction!
  16. today in torture
    Condi Rice Takes the Richard Nixon Approach to TortureNot the comparison you really want to invite, probably.
  17. today in torture
    Keith Olbermann Really Wants Sean Hannity to Get WaterboardedNow he’s calling Hannity yella if he doesn’t do it. You gonna take that, Hannity?
  18. the bush years
    Bush Administration Wanted Iraq–Al Qaeda Connection, One Way or the OtherOne way: waterboarding.
  19. intel
    Steve Powers Wants to See You Get WaterboardedThe grafitti artist known as Espo is seeking lawyers for an “experimental art event.”
  20. in other news
    Michael Mukasey: Republican of the New York VarietyRemember when George Bush appointed New York judge Michael Mukasey to be United States attorney general? And we kinda decided we liked him because he has amazing New York street cred? Well, he went on to lose some of his fan base because of his hard-to-understand stance on torture, specifically waterboarding. (C’mon, everybody’s doing it!) It was a big deal, because lately one’s position on torture is the Bush administration’s litmus test for attorneys general. It used to be abortion or gay marriage that made or broke someone in the eyes of the Bushies. Those days are over, it seems, as is the policy of attorneys general to shun all things gay. The Washington Post today reports that Mukasey lifted a ban, in place since the reign of Ashcroft, on the use of e-mail, bulletin boards, and easels in the Department of Justice to promote the gay group DOJ Pride. They will also be allowed to hold an annual celebration, which they have been banned from doing since 2003. Mukasey even said he’d host it in one of the DOJ’s buildings. Aw! Conservative and tolerant: We knew he was a New Yorker under it all. Attorney General Reverses Curbs on Gay Group at Justice Department [Washington Post]