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Wave Elections

  1. These Trends Suggest the Democratic Midterm Wave Will Get BiggerIn the past, the party controlling the White House found itself with a lot more vulnerable House seats than expected late in the cycle.
  2. The House Midterm Landscape is Settling — and It Looks Treacherous for the GOPWhile the big-picture factors affecting the 2018 elections have marginally improved for Republicans, individual races aren’t looking so hot for them.
  3. Will the Youth Vote Surge in November?Nobody’s ever figured out how to get young people to vote in midterms in representative numbers. Donald Trump in the White House may do the trick.
  4. Democrat Takes Kentucky House Seat in District Trump Won by 49 PointsIt’s the 37th legislative seat Democrats have flipped since Trump’s election.
  5. Americans Don’t Understand Election Predictions Expressed As ProbabilitiesAll those so-and-so-has-a-90-percent-chance-to-win headlines confused a lot of people in 2016. Some of them may have not bothered to vote.
  6. GOP Retirements May Determine Whether Democrats Take Back the House in 2018There are many things Democrats need to take back the House next year. One they don’t yet have is abundant GOP retirements.
  7. Surge in House Democratic Candidates Could Fuel a 2018 Wave ElectionIt’s too early to tell whether Democrats have a real shot at winning back the House next year, but a big jump in candidates running is a good sign.
  8. Paul Ryan Scoffs at Prospects of Losing His Gavel in 2018Signs are growing that House Republicans, including some very senior members, could be in trouble next year.