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  1. guns
    How the Gun Lobby RadicalizedThe NRA helped draft, but then savagely opposed, a modest bill after Sandy Hook and never turned back from extremism.
  2. national rifle association
    Video Shows NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Failing to Kill Elephant at Point-Blank RangeThe footage from 2013, which conservationists have called “sickening,” shows the National Rifle Association CEO’s poor firearms skills.
  3. nra
    New York Attorney General Sues to ‘Dissolve’ the NRAAttorney General Letitia James says self-dealing and corruption resulted in the NRA losing $64 million in just three years.
  4. nra
    The NRA’s Tax Exempt Status – and Thus Its Existence – Is in TroubleA Senate investigation finding that the NRA served as a “foreign asset” to Russia in the run-up to 2016 could place its tax-exempt status in jeopardy.
  5. gun control
    Connecticut Governor Has Generous Explanation for Wayne LaPierre’s Behavior “[He] reminds me of the clowns at the circus.”
  6. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Drops Another $12 Million on Gun Control Ads [Updated]He’s targeting undecided senators.
  7. gun control
    Wayne LaPierre Missed an Important Point in the State of the UnionHe doesn’t think Obama’s pro-school safety.
  8. gun control
    NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Exploits Made-Up Memory of Hurricane SandyHe called it “the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia.”
  9. showdowns
    Fox News’s Chris Wallace Takes a Couple Jabs at NRA’s Wayne LaPierre“That’s ridiculous, and you know it, sir!”
  10. gun control
    NRA Flip-Flops on Background ChecksThey could learn a lot from their old “Be Reasonable” campaign.
  11. gun control
    Crazy Moments From the Senate Panel on Gun ControlAccording to gun advocates, assault weapons are good, background checks are bad.
  12. gun control
    NRA Head Attacks Obama Over Veiled Dig in Inaugural AddressIt was so cleverly hidden, it seemed Obama was talking about the GOP.
  13. gun control
    Israelis Point Out a Flaw in NRA Head’s Gun ProposalDon’t drag them into the gun control debate.
  14. gun control
    NRA Head Still Thinks That the Solution to Gun Violence Is More GunsWayne LaPierre doubled down on his Friday comments.
  15. crazy things
    NYC Tabloids’ NRA Headlines Get to the PointThe Post and Daily News know crazy when they see it.
  16. newtown massacre
    Some People Loved That NRA Speech by Wayne LaPierre [Updated]“They have good points.”
  17. NRA Is Not Onboard With New Gun LegislationThis was a disaster.
  18. stoking the fire(arms)
    NRA President Thinks People Are Way Overreacting to the Trayvon Martin ShootingHe blasts the media for “manufacturing controversy.”