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We The People

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    You Can’t Petition the White House Online Anymore This YearHope you didn’t have any complaints!
  2. early and awesome
    The White House Made a Westboro Baptist Church Hate GIFIn response to a “We the People” petition.
  3. technology
    The White House Knows Its Petition Website Has Become RidiculousSo they’re trying to keep out the riff-raff.
  4. gun control
    White House Officially Refuses to Deport Piers MorganJay Carney finally responded to the petition asking for it.
  5. we the people
    Ron Paul: If America Loves the States, It Should Set Them FreeIf they come back, we’re truly a union.
  6. we the people
    Americans Not Allowed to Punch Grover Norquist Somewhere UncomfortableA White House petition.
  7. Secessionists of Yore Are Rolling Over in Their GravesModern-day secessionists are signing petitions on government websites.
  8. zombie nation
    Let’s Force the White House to Plan for the Zombie ApocalypseSign our petition.
  9. space
    Shockingly, White House Declines to Reveal Relationship With AliensThe petition signers are going to be very disappointed.