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Weather Report

  1. blizzardammerung
    New York City Will Get 18 to 24 Inches of Snow This WeekendAre you ready?
  2. weather report
    NYC Now Has Its Very Own Blizzard WatchCongrats! Now here’s what else we know about the monster storm approaching the East Coast.
  3. weather report
    Latest Forecasts Have New York City Getting Up to a Foot of Snow This WeekendBut maybe even more? Or less?
  4. weather report
    NYC Might Get Snow Today, MaybeYes, yes, we did.
  5. brrrr
    Winter Arrives Unfashionably LateThe people are not impressed. 
  6. weather report
    Mississippi River Reaches Historic Heights“We have never seen water this high.”
  7. weather report
    Crazy Weather Declares War on HumansIn Texas, dozens have died after a relentless fusillade of tornadoes and blizzards.
  8. weather report
    Winter Is (Not Really) ComingAt least for now, New York will remain unseasonably warm.
  9. weather report
    Hurricane Patricia Is Dropping Off Its Leftovers in New York TodayHalloween should be much nicer, though. 
  10. weather report
    Groundhog Predicts Endless Winter After Getting Head Stuck in CanThe police officers who rescued the rodent said he “took off without saying thank you.”
  11. weather report
    It Wasn’t Just You — Sunday Was the Hottest Day of 2015 So Far And today isn’t looking great either. 
  12. weather report
    Spider Rain RealAnd it is currently covering Australia in a fog of spiderweb.
  13. weather report
    This Heat Makes NYC Smell Like Teen Spirit, Patrick Ewing’s SockAccording to some sweaty New Yorkers.
  14. hurricanes
    Category Two Hurricane Irene Could Hit Category Four, the CarolinasIt could be a long week on the southern coast.
  15. hell
    July Was the Warmest Month Ever in Washington, D.C.Serves ‘em right?