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  1. talking about the weather
    Hurricane Joaquin Upgraded to Category 4, But Don’t Panic Just YetThere’s a good chance the storm won’t hit the East Coast.
  2. weather
    Hurricane Joaquin Is Heading for the East Coast — and Maybe New YorkMeteorologists still aren’t sure whether the storm will pummel the East Coast quite yet, but it’s not looking good.
  3. weather
    Say Good-bye to Nice Weather — the Never-ending Rain Is Almost HereTemperatures are about to drop.
  4. natural disasters
    ‘Unprecedented Rain’ Hits City Near Tokyo“We can say this is an abnormal situation and there is imminent serious danger.”
  5. weather
    Florida Declares State of Emergency As Tropical Storm Erika ApproachesThe storm has already killed 20 in the Caribbean. 
  6. weather
    Climatologist Is ‘99 Percent’ Sure 2015 Will Be the Hottest Year Ever RecordedJuly was the hottest month recorded since we started keeping track of the weather in 1880. 
  7. weather
    ‘Godzilla El Niño’ Is ComingCalifornia could get the wettest weather in years.
  8. weather report
    It Wasn’t Just You — Sunday Was the Hottest Day of 2015 So Far And today isn’t looking great either. 
  9. Celebrate the First Week of Summer With Awful Humidity and Possible Hail!The day goes from disgustingly humid and hot to ominous and stormy.
  10. So Far, 2015 Is the Hottest Year on RecordNot the good kind of hot, the bad climate-change kind.
  11. weather
    Hurricane Season Is HereThankfully, it’s supposed to be quieter than usual.
  12. weather
    Apparently Lightning Sometimes Does Strike TwiceThunderstorms are cool and also terrifying.
  13. Watch Out for Flash Floods Today, New YorkThe rainy weather will continue into Tuesday.
  14. weather
    New York Under Severe Thunderstorm WatchOr stay at work late.
  15. weather
    Yeah, Your Allergies Are Probably Worse Than Usual TodayThe pollen forecast in New York for Tuesday is 9.3 out of 10.
  16. It’s the Hottest Day of the YearRegretting not installing your A/C unit yet?
  17. weather
    Yeah, It’s Way Hotter Than NormalIt’s not just your imagination.
  18. weather
    TGIFF: Thank God It’s Foggy FridayThis city is under a fog advisory until around 9 a.m., which gave early-rising New Yorkers plenty of time to snap some pics.
  19. weather
    New Yorkers Already Complaining It’s Too HotResidents appear to be suffering from a mysterious condition known as “Winter Amnesia.”
  20. weather
    Quadruple Rainbow Spotted on Long IslandIt’s just math, people.
  21. weather
    It’s Miserable Outside: Happy Monday!It’s pouring, with 40 mph wind gusts.
  22. shootings
    There’s a Downside to This Weekend’s Nice Weather Shootings. 
  23. weather
    It’s 70 Degrees for the First Time in Six MonthsFinally!
  24. Yes, It’s Going to Snow This WeekendBecause spring is a lie perpetuated by people who look good in tank tops.
  25. weather
    New York Is Supposed to Get 4 to 6 Inches of Snow Tomorrow. Happy Spring?Beware the lies of March.
  26. weather
    It Didn’t Feel Like It in New York, But This Was the Warmest Winter on RecordAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  27. It’s Going to Snow on Friday Because Spring Is a Miserable LieThere are only two seasons: summer and winter.
  28. weather
    The New York Sky Put on Quite a Show Last NightA solar storm made the northern lights visible in parts of New York.
  29. weather
    A Guide to Watching Tonight’s Solar Storm in NYCStep one: Get out of the city.
  30. Let’s Start a Slow Clap for Copenhagen, New York, the Snowiest Place in AmericaOr maybe let’s just cry for them. 
  31. After Winter and Before Spring Comes Snow-Garbage SeasonThe streets are painted with cigarette filters and empty Metrocards.
  32. weather
    A Glossary of Spring Weather to DreadFrom humidageddon to pollen vortex.
  33. Hero Reporter Goes to McDonald’s On-CameraWe are all Traffic Jam Jimmy. 
  34. happy friday
    The Weather Might Get Better Soon, But It Is All a LieWinter is never going to end. 
  35. weather
    When Can We Finally Burn Our Puffy Coats? A Q&A With a WeathermanWhat to expect from this week’s storm.
  36. weather
    Blame These People for NYC’s Treacherous Sidewalk ConditionsNYC has issued over 10,000 tickets this year for failure to remove snow and ice.
  37. weather
    New Yorkers Awake to Icy HellscapeBreak out the ice climbing boots.
  38. weather
    Snow, Ice, and Rain Are Here to Ruin the Rest of Your WeekNew York will get a mixture of all three continuously through Friday.
  39. weather
    February 2015 Was NYC’s Third-Coldest, First-Most-Complained-AboutSyracuse, Buffalo, and Hartford all had their coldest Februaries on record.
  40. On the Bright Side, This Doctor Hasn’t Seen an Outbreak of Snowball InjuriesIt’s the coldest winter New York City has seen in a long time — but with no notable increase in icicle stabbings!
  41. weather
    Watch Manhattan Slowly Become Surrounded by IceWhen Manhattan became Arendelle.
  42. weather
    Wintah Weathah No Longer Welcome in MassachusettsMore photos of Bostonians buried in snow.
  43. weather
    Today Is Officially the Coldest Day of WinterIt was 2 degrees in Central Park on Friday morning.
  44. weather
    Will It Ever Be Warm Again? A Q&A With a WeathermanEverything you’ve been dying to know about the weather.
  45. weather
    Poor Bastard Slips on Ice During TV Segment About Freezing TemperaturesWe are all this man.
  46. weather
    It’s So Cold That FedEx Has Declared a National Service DisruptionHope you weren’t waiting on a package.
  47. weather
    It’s So Freezing Outside That Owls From the Arctic Have Descended Upon NYCGo home, Hedwig.
  48. weather
    First the Bryant Park Fountain, Now Niagara Falls, Next the WorldThe historic landmark froze in subzero temperatures.
  49. weather
    February’s Freakish Weather Has Broken a Bunch of Northeast RecordsWe’re a little more than halfway through and this month has already been record-breaking.
  50. weather
    Overnight and Morning Snow Will Mess Up Your DayAlso, it’s windy and freezing and icy!
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