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Web Wedgies

  1. nerd fights
    Niall Ferguson vs. Paul Krugman, Round 347“I’ve got history on my side, and he’s got an economic model from 1936. And we’ll see who was right.”
  2. i’m rubber you’re glue
    Women of The Daily Show to Jezebel: Go F@#k Yourself!It turns out there are lots of them.
  3. cumming v. goldman round 2
    Goldman Sachs Pleads Alan Cumming to Continue to Take Their Filthy Lucre“A couple of hours after the NY mag piece went online I received an email from Goldman Sachs reminding me of the amount of cash I had made whilst my money was with them.”
  4. web wedgies
    Paul Krugman Challenges Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Reporting“Andrew Ross Sorkin owes several people an apology” for his column this morning, his fellow ‘Times’ man writes. Ruh-roh.
  5. web wedgies
    You Want Feedback? Vagilante Scott Galloway Will Give You FeedbackWith his FISTS.
  6. ink-stained wretches
    NYT vs. WSJ Flame War ContinuesBill Keller and Robert Thomson continue to fight.
  7. web wedgies
    Two GrinchesEcono-enemies Niall Ferguson and Paul Krugman agree on at least one thing: We’re screwed.
  8. web wedgies
    Financial Bloggers Felix Salmon and Henry Blodget Have a Fight, Make UpA breakdown of an online argument between two titans.
  9. web wedgies
    Paul Krugman vs. Niall FergusonHow a fight between the nation’s most prominent economist and a Scottish historian devolved into bitchy name-calling.
  10. web wedgies
    Battle of the Blowhards: Matt Taibbi and Charlie Gasparino Prepare to Face OffWill they insult each other to death?