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  1. covid-19
    Weddings to Die ForWhat a viral story about COVID nuptials tells us about American society.
  2. de mayor
    De Blasio Loves Marrying People Almost As Much As Being MarriedPlus, it reminds everyone that Bloomberg hated officiating.
  3. terrible things
    Jewish Wedding Video Filled With Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hitler Director’s Commentary“I don’t think I blame Hitler.”
  4. equal rites
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Officiate Her First Gay Wedding TonightThe judge will marry Kennedy Center president Michael M. Kaiser and his fiancé.
  5. white men with money
    At Least Sean Parker’s Wedding Didn’t Have Ice Sculptures and Pop StarsThe tech mogul defends his elaborate nuptials.
  6. white men with money
    Sean Parker’s $10 Million Wedding Bad for EarthHe paid an extra $2.5 million to fix that part.
  7. George Soros to Marry for the Third TimeWhat do you get the billionaire who has it all for his 82nd birthday? A third bride.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    Canine New Yorkers Marry in Most Expensive Pet Wedding EverOfficiated by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
  9. equal rites
    Barney Frank Got Married To longtime partner James Ready. 
  10. the most important people in the world
    Alec Baldwin Got Married Without IncidentThe police barriers and bodyguards kept the paparazzi at bay.
  11. weddings!
    Joe Biden’s Daughter Gets MarriedTo a plastic surgeon from Philly.
  12. newly rich people weddings
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Relationship Status Now Reads ‘Married’Guests thought they were attending his girlfriend’s graduation party.
  13. the most important people in the world
    Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Are Engaged She’ll now be known as his 28-year-old yoga-instructor fiancée. 
  14. love and marriage
    Sad Divorced Guy Suing Photographers to Re-create Doomed WeddingHe wants more than $52,000.
  15. lauren lauren
    Lauren Bush Is Now Lauren LaurenSort of.
  16. i feel the earth move under my feet
    The Earthquake Bride Speaks“I couldn’t reach him. I was so worried!”
  17. equal rites
    Roughly One in Four New York City Newlyweds is GayAugust is a busy month for weddings.
  18. the most important people in the world
    Barbara Walters Was a Yenta for Paul McCartney and Her Niece Nancy ShevellAnd it was so easy, too.
  19. equal rites
    Images From Yesterday’s Gay Weddings in New YorkWe sent photographer Jim Kiernan to document the happy day.
  20. equal rites
    Marriage Equality Is Really Exciting for Some MomsThat’s what the ‘Times’ tells us.
  21. save the date
    City Offices Opening on a Sunday for Gay Weddings“We’re not going to make them wait one day longer than they have to.”
  22. equal rites
    By the Way, New York City Gay Couples, You Can Register to Marry TodayBut you may have to pick who is the “bride” and who is the “groom.”
  23. equal rites
    For Gay Couples, Now the Pressure’s On!“When are YOU going to get married?”
  24. party chat
    Susan Sarandon Secures Dead Man Walking Pal for Daughter’s WeddingSister Helen Prejean will perform the marriage of Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino.
  25. family affairs
    Rowan Atkinson, 40 Foreign Royals to Toast William and Kate Together“Mr. Bean” is on the guest list.
  26. four weddings and a funeral
    Funeral Homes Now Also Wedding VenuesOur hearse doubles as a limo!
  27. ink-stained wretches
    People Still Not Over That Spouse-Dumping ‘Vows’ ColumnThe backlash continues!
  28. vows
    Times No Longer Even Euphemizing Spouse-Dumping“What happens when love comes at the wrong time?”
  29. media
    How Much Are Nicole Richie’s Wedding Photos Worth?Lots.
  30. love is in the air
    Virgin America Pilot Marries Gay Couple As Plane Flies Over CanadaSOMEBODY just watched ‘The Proposal’ on in-flight television!
  31. ‘mocialites
    Also, That Guy Kipton Cronkite Married Was His BossIn the bedroom and out.
  32. rfps
    Maybe It’s Time to Stop Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, PeopleYou clearly can’t pull it off.
  33. great divorces
    Man to Divorce Bride for Not Actually DyingWell, we’ve all been there.
  34. the most important wedding in the world
    Good Luck Getting to Rhinebeck This Weekend If You’re a Normal PersonBus companies have canceled service to the area.
  35. weddings!
    Columbia Is the Most-Named University in the Times Wedding PagesTake that, Harvard.
  36. the most important wedding in the world
    Could All This Madness About Chelsea Clinton’s Secret Wedding Have Been Avoided?Probably. Let’s start with the “secret” part.
  37. the most important wedding in the world
    FAA Closes Airspace Near Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingPaparazzi will have to get creative.
  38. the most important wedding in the world
    Obama Won’t Be Attending Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingPresident missing the social event of the summer.
  39. the most important wedding in the world
    In Case You Weren’t Convinced Yet That Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Was Going to Be Absolutely Epic…We’re talking $2 million epic.
  40. the most important wedding in the world
    ‘Chelsea Clinton Has Taken What Was Supposed to Be a Special Day for Me and Turned It Into Hell’This is what happens when you are the Other Bride in Rhinebeck on July 31.
  41. the most important wedding in the world
    Journal: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding to Feature Blue Ribbon CateringOr maybe everything we’ve heard is a ruse!
  42. power couples
    Anthony Weiner Tied the KnotHuma Abedin is making an honest man out of a politician.
  43. 42
    July Is Wedding Month for Bill ClintonHe’ll preside over the wedding of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin this weekend.
  44. the most important wedding in the world
    Al Gore to Skip Chelsea Clinton’s WeddingSo was he even invited?
  45. chelsea clinton
    AP Source: Chelsea Clinton Will Get Married in RhinebeckResident leaks the deets.
  46. the most important wedding in the world
    Bill Clinton Is Going to Try So Hard to Not Upstage Chelsea at Her Wedding“But I may not be able to do it.”
  47. princess victoria
    Swedish Princess Marries Her Personal TrainerTheir love survived her royal father and the public.
  48. fairy tale of new york
    Marriage of Oxford PhD and Sanitation Worker: ‘It Wasn’t a Clash of Heads’More on that confounding marriage from this weekend’s “Vows” section.
  49. hellivision
    Bethenny Got Married. Hooray?The ‘Real Housewives’ star is finally a housewife.
  50. other people turn around and laugh at you
    Wedding Planner David Tutera Misses Out on Getting His Own Breed of OrchidAlso, he’s getting sued.
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