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  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Canada Would Like Its 48,000 Pounds of Lobster BackAnd other weird crimes up north.
  2. Did a Florida Principal Hypnotize Kids to Death?A Florida school district settles a tragic case of unlicensed hypnotherapy gone wrong.
  3. weird
    Fake Whale Had One JobThe plastic orca drowned before it could scare away sea lions.
  4. weird
    Florida Teen Knocked Unconscious by FishBeware the jumping sturgeon. 
  5. weird
    Wild Boar Just Trying to Go Shopping Crashes Through Mall CeilingHate when that happens.
  6. weird
    Sea Lion Detained by Police After Trying to Attend High SchoolClearly he has no idea how awful high school is.
  7. opportunities
    Queens Artist Seeks Bearfoot ManFor a unique and truly spectacular-sounding experience.