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  1. weirdness
    Fifteen Cops Arrest Central Park Skinny DipperSpring is in the air.
  2. curious decisions
    Pete King Plans Boxing Match on Wife’s Birthday Does he really hate cake that much?
  3. the internet
    Did Jose Canseco Just Tweet His Way Into the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?Sure hope so!
  4. ballsy crimes
    Robert Allen Stanford’s Mystery IslandCan it move through time?
  5. in other news
    TGIPD: Thank God It’s Pigeon Day!It’s time to pay respect to our fine feathered friends, those adorable little birdies that crap 25 pounds of poop on our city every year. Bless them!
  6. white men with money
    Warren Buffett Reprises Role on ‘All My Children’It’s more exciting than when Billy Clyde Tuggle returned from prison! Gagillionaire grampy Warren Buffett will appear on All My Children this spring, in a role he first played in 1992.