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  1. child hunger
    The Class War on KidsWhy do so many Republican governors oppose feeding hungry children?
  2. the debt ceiling
    The GOP’s Work-Requirement ScamThe policy’s true purpose is to deny aid to hardworking Americans. And Joe Biden appears to be playing along.
  3. racism
    A Non-Racist Conservatism Must Look to the Future, Not the PastRoss Douthat’s latest column paints a discouraging picture of non-racist conservatism.
  4. welfare
    Trump Will Always Find a Way to Punish the PoorTrump bypasses Congress to propose stricter work requirements for food stamps.
  5. politics
    Thousands of Arkansans Are Losing Medicaid Due to Work Rule. That’s the Point.Advocates say the policy isn’t punitive, but new data underscores that urging the poor to get a job or lose their health care won’t curb inequality.
  6. welfare
    More Evidence That Welfare Work Requirements Don’t Lift People Out of PovertyA new report suggests that poor people just tend to get poorer when they lose their benefits.
  7. immigration
    Trump Has Scared Immigrants Into Forfeiting Their Kids’ Nutritional BenefitsAmerican babies are going without formula because the Trump administration threatened to deny green cards to immigrants who use welfare.
  8. Study: You Can Get Whites to Oppose Welfare With This One Weird TrickA new study finds that white Americans are way more likely to support cuts to aid for the poor once you put them in a racist mood.
  9. No, Democratic Populism Won’t Force Republicans to Accept Big GovernmentReihan Salam wants Republicans to develop a positive agenda of universal programs the white working class will embrace. It’s not going to happen.
  10. Trump’s ‘New’ Idea: Farm SubsidiesThe president was surprised to learn that farm-state lawmakers don’t want “welfare” for farmers. Did he know they already get subsidies?
  11. No, the HOPE Scholarship Didn’t Kill Great Society LiberalismA provocative op-ed says Zell Miller’s and Bill Clinton’s embrace of merit-based scholarships showed their betrayal of liberalism. I beg to differ.
  12. Republicans Are Going to Take From the Poor to Give to the RichSpending cuts provide an alternative way to “pay for” GOP tax cuts. And it’s far more likely than attacks on sacred cows in the tax code.
  13. White House Considers Deporting Legal Immigrants for Being PoorA draft executive order would allow the government to deport visa holders who receive public benefits.
  14. No, Welfare’s Not an Appealing Alternative to WorkTwenty years after federal welfare reform, cash assistance is becoming rare in many states, and provides little help to those who get it.
  15. Bill Clinton Needs to Stop Defending Crime BillHis determination to defend close calls he made on complex legislation two decades ago is in danger of hurting his wife’s campaign.
  16. Are Sanders and Clinton Launching a New Welfare Debate?Sanders’s attack on Clinton’s support for the 1996 welfare-reform bill, and her response, could bring back this issue for both parties.
  17. It’s Time for Welfare Reform AgainBoth Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are failing to address the terrible hole at the very bottom of the safety net.
  18. N.C.’s Welfare Drug Tests Find Minimal Drug UseLess than 0.3 percent of those screened had used drugs.
  19. Obama’s Economy Needs the Universal Basic IncomeIn his final State of the Union, the president diagnosed a problem that only the universal basic income can solve.
  20. Rand Paul Only Wants the Rich RefugeesOn Wednesday, the Kentucky senator called for ending welfare assistance to refugees and applying more screening to French visitors.
  21. vices
    Proposed Welfare Rule Targets Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Other Fun ThingsThe State Senate is looking to ban spending on vices.
  22. scandals
    Andrew Cuomo’s Ethics Committee Chair Accused of Acting UnethicallyShe may have improperly helped her maid receive welfare.
  23. neighborhood news
    NYC Welfare Centers Are Way OvercrowdedThe lines are super long, but Mayor Bloomberg isn’t too concerned.
  24. intel
    State Hits Record Welfare Low — With a CatchNew York State has a new record-low welfare enrollment. There were 541,503 on the dole at the end of February, the lowest number since 1963, as state welfare officials announced neatly in sync with tax day. While the city has been posting similar trends for the last several years, this marks the state’s first big milestone. The state secret? In addition to benefiting from welfare shrinkage in the five boroughs — the city makes up the bulk of the state’s welfare cases — state officials are pointing to $665 million paid out via the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, which is available to working poor filing federal or state taxes, plus a new state credit for low-income, non-custodial parents up-to-date on child support.
  25. in other news
    Bloomberg to Give Out Shiny New Dimes to Worthy Poor Mayor Bloomberg has just unveiled a unique new social program: The city will be paying poor families for, well, good behavior. For instance, if your household income is $20,000 or less, providing regular medical checkups for your child while holding down a job may raise it to $25,000. Plus there’s more, and here’s where it gets weird. Instead of simply evaluating the big picture — is the child healthy? — the program goes into jaw-dropping detail, breaking the lump sum down to micro-rewards for micro-achievements. In essence, it’s going to itemize instances of good behavior, price them out accordingly, and tabulate the winnings every two months. A kid’s exemplary attendance in elementary school may net the parent $25. Should she ace a test, there’s $300 in it for mom and dad. Presumably, the city dispatches a trained social worker to pat you on the head if you say “please” and “thank you.”
  26. the morning line
    Second Avenue Subway: It’s Coming • The MTA has finally committed to the Second Avenue Subway, signing the $337 million contract with MTA Capital Construction (hey! nepotism!) to build the first leg of the line. Only six to eight months until the tunnel-boring machine revs up. [NYP] • The third cop in the Sean Bell case — Detective Marc Cooper, the one who fired the fewest shots and faces the weakest charges — may get a separate trial. His attorney is mulling a motion to sever. [NYDN] • One imagines working at a Bronx welfare office is depressing enough without being “groped, fondled, tackled, kissed, and spanked” by a supervisor. Even, or perhaps especially, a female supervisor who calls herself “Hurricane.” [WNYC] • Uma Thurman and bizarre hotelier André Balazs have split up. We predict his impending move into the William Beaver house. [amNY] • And the Postal Service is introducing new Zip Codes to the Upper East Side, 10065 and 10075, which means that the iconic 10021 will shrink even further (it will extend only from East 69th to East 76th). The sound you hear is corks popping at the local paperies as thousands of millionaires order new stationery. [NYT]