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  1. There Is Now an Ebola Vaccine That’s ‘100 Percent’ Effective Against the DiseaseSome actual good 2016 news.
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    Ebola Outbreak Slows in West Africa, Leaving U.S.-Built Treatment Centers EmptyBut the disease could still make a comeback.
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    Health-Care Worker Diagnosed With Ebola in Glasgow She had reportedly just returned from Sierra Leone. 
  4. More Than 5,160 Dead From Ebola OutbreakStill no end in sight.
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    Why Banning Travel From Ebola-Affected Countries Makes No SenseAustralia has instituted a visa ban for political purposes.
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    Horrible Dudes Selling Ebola.com for $150,000They also own BirdFlu.com.
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    More Dispatches on the Ebola Outbreak From West African News OutletsThe virus has closed schools, put an end to handshakes, and caused an online shopping surge.
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    How West African News Outlets Are Covering the Ebola Outbreak Dispatches on price-gouging, distracted lawmakers, and Donald Trump.
  9. You Probably Shouldn’t Travel to Places With Ebola, Says CDCDon’t go. Don’t get Ebola.
  10. very sad and scary things
    Could History’s Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak Spread Outside of West Africa?670 people have already died from the disease.